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Aliphatic Solvents

Aliphatic Solvents Chemical products supplier, Pure Chemicals company offer Aliphatic Solvents to many industries.

Aliphatic Solvents – A Solvent is a liquid which has the ability to dissolve, suspend or extract other materials, without chemical change to the material or the solvent. Aliphatic solvents are frequently used in reference to open-chain hydrocarbons.

Pon Pure Chemicals supply a wide range of high grade aliphatic solvents, which are delivered on time to customers. These solvents hold wider applications in industries.


Hexane is used in adhesive industry, leather industry, textile industry, pharmaceutical industry and petrochemical industry... Read More


Cyclohexane is a high volume chemical. The commercial uses of Cyclohexane are electroplating, laboratory chemicals, machinery manufacturing and repairing, and rubber industry. It is also widely used in wood stains and varnishes. Used in the formulation of glues for shoes, leather products and roofing. They are also used to extract... Read More


Heptane is a colorless liquid with a gasoline-like odor. Heptane is used as a solvent in adhesives, aerosol cleaners and solvent extraction of vegetable oils and essential oils. Heptane is a component of gasoline In many applications (especially pharmaceutical), the use of n-hexane is being replaced by n-heptane, which will... Read More

Dimethyl sulphoxide (DMSO)

Dimethyl sulphoxide is a colorless liquid that dissolves both polar and nonpolar compounds. It is used as a solvent for chemical reactions involving salts. It is also extensively used as an extractant in biochemistry and cell biology. Less toxic than other members of this class, such as dimethylformamide, dimethylacetamide, N-methyl-2-pyrrolidone, and... Read More


Acetonitrile is a colourless liquid. It is used as a polar solvent in organic synthesis and in the purification of other chemicals. It is used as a solvent for the manufacture of pharmaceuticals and photographic films. Used as extraction and processing solvent in the production of variety of pharmaceuticals, agrochemical,... Read More

Dimethyl formamide (DMF)

Dimethyl formamide is a colourless liquid is miscible with water and the majority of organic liquids. It is as a solvent for polymers in the preparation of chemicals. Also used as solvent in pharmaceutical, dyestuff industry, paint remover, solution of polyamides, and for the production of heat-resistant wire enamel. Used... Read More

N,N-Dimethyl acetamide (DMAC)

Dimethyl acetamide is a colorless, water-miscible with a high high boiling liquid is commonly used as a polar solvent in organic synthesis. Dimethylacetamide is a medium potency reproductive toxicant. Less toxic than DMF. The good water solubility and excellent solvent power particularly for high molecular weight polymers and resins make... Read More

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