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Aromatic Solvents

Aromatic Solvents Chemical products exporter in Chennai India, Pure Chemicals company serve Aromatic Solvents to numerous industries.

Pure aromatics solvents are widely used in paints, adhesives and printing inks. Other applications include extraction, degreasing, as components in insecticides, and as chemical intermediates.

Solvent Naptha L (C9)

Solvent Naphtha is a general term as each refinery produces its own naphthas with unique initial and final boiling points and other physical and compositional ... Read More


Toluene is a clear, colorless liquid with a strong, sweet, and pungent odor. It occurs naturally in crude oil. Toluene is used as a solvent and to make aviation gasoline, spray and wall paints,... Read More

Ortho Xylene

Ortho Xylene is a solvent used across many industries for various functions like printing, rubber, and leather industries. it can be substituted for toluene in thinning paints ... Read More

Mineral Turpentine Oil (MTO)

Mineral Turpentine Oil is one of the basic raw materials in the manufacture of varnish, thinner and wood primers. It is used in paint, liquid shoe polish and metal ... Read More

Solvent Naptha M (C10)

Solvent Naptha C10 is used mainly in paints and coatings, printing inks, and the agrochemical industry. It is also ideal for use in process additive fluids such as... Read More

Solvesso 200 (C12)

Solvesso 200 is used in high build coatings and printing inks; agrochemicals; oil field chemicals; fuel additives; and emulsifiers and surfactants... Read More

Mixed Xylene

Mixed Xylene is used as solvent in printing, rubber, and leather industries. In thinning paints and varnishes, it can be substituted for toluene where slower drying is desired. ... Read More

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