Chemical Industry! Rules the Future

The promising industry, which takes the progress of our country to another level, and substantially provides employment for a lot of people, is defiantly the Chemical Industry. Apart from being the back bone of many industries and the support function of firms. The chemical industry has grown as the main factor, influencing the growth of Indian economy. Instead of saying westernization, it’s the impact of globalization which is predominantly the cause for these major changes.

Important Industry

Chemical industry

We have to necessarily ask this question to every person living in this planet. Are you still living the way you are few decades before. Are you still eating the way as you did some ten years before. Not only living and eating, even the thought process has gone very different.  We live in the fast era, where the shelf life of all tangible products not as durable as older generation. As technology change is so rapid, we are rushing to the same speed to change our gadgets and instruments in accordance with it. The use of more personal gadgets now days, is the main reason for the increase in sales of electronics. Not only gadgets, the life has been altered by the personnel vehicles, rather than depending upon the public transport, people are now more into personnel vehicles for everyone at home, which has significantly increased the production.

The factor of science also contributes for the discovery of newer, rarer and finer chemicals which are gaining its importance now. Omnipotent chemicals are rather indispensable and even invincible. More than anything, chemicals will be the deciding factors of power in the future, petrol is gaining is strength over anything. The petroleum ore, when cleansing gives rich by-products. The petroleum refinery is a prominent growing factor of control, as it is predicted that the reason for the next world war is petroleum.



If either we invent the alternative fuel, or regulate the use of personnel vehicles, it would benefit us to a large extent. When the dependence of petroleum ore is less, the unwarranted problems and cold wars raised between the countries. Another major impact of the chemical industries is the fact that countries use bio war, silent neo-gen method to control over other countries. By injecting the disease causing germs into the country, it silently destructs the countries.

Further, it is expected that more and more research are taking place to make chemicals which are more helpful to mankind, without destruction or causing damage. As it is predicted that our dependence on the chemicals would rise highly and the country which produces or controls the chemical industry will be the major control factor of the world in the near future. Will our country reap the success when it is pounding hot.

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