Polymers! Invincible in our daily life

It was shocking for me to know that Chinese people destroy an entire forest for just making their chop-sticks. It is fairly known that with an increase in the population of people using chop-sticks. More alarming is that, the chop sticks can never be reused. All the used chopsticks are gone waste. In an average, if one forest is completely destroyed to make chop sticks for a year, then the amount of forest they would have destroyed all the life. Alarming!

chop sticks

chop sticks

It is an obvious fact that, man is behind destroying the nature for her valuable products, specially her woods, animal skins, tusks, hoofs and even making toys out the animals have become so common. If we go on destroy our world like this, one day surely we will be left with any valuables. Everywhere it will be filled with treeless plains, no greeneries to embrace us, no little bird to sing the good lullabies for us. For everything will be filled with only sand, sand castles everywhere and filled silicon jungles which covers the entire stretch of the world.

To restore the humanity amongst us, it becomes necessary for us to leave the nature as it is. It is also essential to preserve the nature. Nature is our perfect way to a balanced environment. As we go away from the nature, we are sure to invite ourselves with enormous trouble. At the same time, if we destroy forest, it is like the destruction of our mother planet itself.


Man-made remedies like polymers take the place of the wood and replace lot of things in our daily life. As the population increases, the increase in the production of polymers, help restore the daily needs of the millions of population. The main advantages of polymers are that, they can be recycled and reused. When we see a rising population campaigning against the use of plastics, there is still a group which enforces about the importance of plastics in our daily life.

It’s an agreeable fact that the plastics take a long time to decay, and the plastics cause a lot of pollution when heated. But, moderation is highly recommended as the proper replacement of natural products to plastics will only benefit the humanity in the long run.


Proper awareness and education, as how best we can use the man-made gift to the nature, our “Plastics” should be made mandatory to help people use more polymers. If the aphorism ”Global Village” is getting into reality, we should be responsible to preserve the whole world, than just narrowly thinking about our country alone.

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