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With an excellent experience in serving to wide variety of customers of different profiles, Pure Chemicals is recognized as a quality chemical supplier in the business world. The company’s ability to customize its products and services to meet the specific requirements of its diverse client base across various chemical sectors demonstrates and defines its customer-centric approach.

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  • Alcohols
Pure Chemicals is harnessing the deepest sources of information, analytics and expertise to forge solutions for industries and markets that drive economies worldwide. Pure Chemicals embarked on a journey in the field of Industrial Acid. We are a leading Manufacturer and Supplier of various chemicals such as acetic acid, formic acid, citric acid, phosphoric acid, steric acid and oxalic acid.
Monomer is a molecule of chemical compound, which can react with other molecules to form very large molecules calledpolymers. The essential feature of a monomer is polyfunctionality. Synthetic polymers play an essential and ubiquitous role in everyday life. Pure Chemicals offers various kinds of monomers such as styrene, VAM, ethyl acrylate, butyl acrylate, methyl methacrylate, acrylonitrile,which are being usedin various polymer synthesis.
Alcohols are the important class of chemicals with diverse applications in the field of organic synthesis. They are used as sweeteners and in making perfumes, are valuable intermediates in the synthesis of chemical compounds, pharmaceuticals, fuels etc. Alcohols are among the most abundantly produced organic chemicals in chemical industry. Pure Chemicals supplies high grade alcohols such as ethanol, methanol, N-propanol, N-butanol, isobutanol etc.for various industrial use.

Propylene Glycol N-propyl Ether (pnp)

Offers an excellent balance between hydrophilic and hydrophobic character and used is in cleaning products water-borne latex coating, and coupling... Read More

Propylene Glycol Methyl Ether (pm)

Fastest evaporating solvent in the ether family. With very high water solubility and active solvency, PM glycol ether is widely used in coating , printing ink and cleaning ... Read More

Ethyl Cellosolve (2-ethoxyethanol Or Ethylene Glycol Monoethyl Ether)

It will dissolve oils, resins, grease, waxes, nitrocellulose, and lacquers. This is an ideal property as a multi-purpose cleaner, and, therefore, 2-ethoxyethanol ... Read More

Propylene Glycol Monomethyl Ether Acetate (pma)

Used as solvent in paint and coating, cleaners and electronic industry... Read More

Methyl Tert-butyl Ether (mtbe)

Used mainly as octane booster . Also used to make high purity isobutylene which is further processed to produce butyl rubber.  It can also be used as solvent ... Read More

Isopropyl Ether (IPE)

Used as an extraction agent and as a solvent in paint thinners and stain removers. It can also be used as an additive... Read More

Arcosolv Tpm – Tripropylene Glycol (mono) Methyl Ether

A colorless, combustible liquid with low toxicity having a mild, pleasant odor. It is completely water soluble, miscible with a number ... Read More

Arcosolv Dpnb – Dipropylene Glycol Normal Butyl Ether

A colorless liquid with a mild odor and low volatility. It has low water solubility, good coupling and demonstrates good solvency for coating resins. The properties ... Read More


Melaminehard, thermosetting plastic material. Melamine is used to produce melamine formaldehyde resins for laminating and adhesive applications. ... Read More

Phthalic Anhydride

Phthalic Anhydride is a  colourless solid is an important industrial chemical, especially for the large-scale production of plasticizers for plastics. Phthalic Anhydride is ... Read More

Maleic Anhyride

Maleic anhydride is a colorless or white solid with an acrid odor. Maleic anhydride is used in boating, automobile and construction industries, and widely used coating... Read More

Titanium dioxide

Titanium dioxide is is sourced from ilmenite, rutile and anatase. Titanium dioxide is used to impart a whiteness to color cosmetics and personal care products... Read More


Used principally as a monomer to prepare the polyacrylonitrile, a homopolymer, or several important copolymers such as styrene-acrylonitrile (SAN), ... Read More

Methyl methacrylate(MMA)

Used is the manufacture of polymethyl methacrylate acrylic plastics (PMMA) and co-polymer methyl methacrylate-butadiene-styrene (MBS)... Read More

Butyl Acrylate

Used in the production of acrylic acid and its salts, esters, amides. When used in latex paint formulations acrylic polymers have good water resistance,... Read More

Ethyle Acrylate

Used in the production of polymers including resins, plastics, coating,elastomer, rubber, and ... Read More


Used in manufacture of acrylic fibres and several  copolymers, polyvinyl alcohol, polyvinyl butyral and polyvinyl formal... Read More


Used in production of Polystyrene, Expandable polystyrene (EPS), Styrene Butadiene Rubber Elastomers (SBR), Styrene Butadiene Latexes, Acrylo Nitrile Butadiene ... Read More

Toluene dilsocyanate(TDI)

Toluene diIsocyanate is used in the production polyurethane resin for PU foam. Toluene diIsocyanate is used for use in furniture, bedding, automotive and airline seats... Read More

Exxal™ 8 IsoOctanol

Exxal™ 8 IsoOctanol is a clear colorless liquid with a faint pleasant odor.Exxal™ 8 IsoOctanol is used as a solvent, in the making of cutting and lubricating oils, in hydraulic fluids, and in the production of other chemicals. * Phenolic Antioxidants * Esters formation - Lubricants... Read More

Exxal™ 10 Iso Decanol

Exxal™ 10 IsoOctanol is a clear colorless liquid with a faint pleasant odor. Exxal™ 10 IsoOctanol is used as a solvent, in the making of cutting and lubricating oils,... Read More

Exxal ™ 13 IsoTri Decanol

Exxal™ 13 IsoOctanol is a clear colorless liquid with a faint pleasant odor. Exxal™ 13 IsoOctanol is used as a solvent, in the making of cutting and lubricating oils, in hydraulic fluids,... Read More

Neo Decanoic Acid

Neodecanoic Acid is a liquid with a relatively low vapor pressure. Neodecanoic Acid is used primarily as an intermediate to make other chemical products... Read More

Exxal™ 11

Exxal™ 11 IsoOctanol is a clear colorless liquid with a faint pleasant odor. Exxal™ 11 IsoOctanol is used as a solvent, in the making of cutting and lubricating oils, in hydraulic fluids,... Read More

Neo Pentonic Acid

Neo Pentanoic Acid is used as an intermediate to make other chemical products such as chlorides, esters, and metal salts. It is used in various applications... Read More

Hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is a pure form it is a colorless liquid, slightly more viscous than water. Hydrogen peroxide is used in water treatment industry, pulp and paper... Read More

Sodium benzoate

Sodium benzoate is a white, powdery naturally occurring salt. Sodium benzoate is Used as preservative in non-alcoholic beverages including fruit juice, jam, jellies etc... Read More

Sodium hexametaphosphate

Sodium hexametaphosphate is used as a sequestrant and has applications within a wide variety of industries. Sodium hexametaphosphate is used in production of... Read More

Sodium hydrosulphite

Sodium hexametaphosphate is used as a sequestrant and has applications within a wide variety of industries. Sodium hexametaphosphate is used in production of ... Read More

Sodium bicarbonate (Baking Soda)

Sodium bicarbonate is primarily used in cooking, as a leavening agent. It is also used as a cattle feed supplement, in particular as a buffering agent for the rumen... Read More

Sodium bisulphate

Sodium bisulphate is a dry white powder which is granular. Sodium bisulphate is used to purify fresh juices before the fermentation begins, also used... Read More

Caustic soda flakes

The caustic soda flex are white granular semi-coarse material. Caustic soda flakes comes utilized in various backgrounds such as baking and cookery. Major use include... Read More

Magnesium chloride

Magnesium chloride is most commonly used for dust control and road stabilization. It is used in fertilizer, mineral supplement for animals, wastewater treatment, wallboard... Read More

Potassium carbonate

... Read More

Sodium carbonate

Sodium carbonate is a white, odourless powder which is hygroscopicin nature. It is Used in the manufacture of glass and as a water softener during laundry... Read More

Sodium gluconate

Sodium gluconate is a white colorless powder that is very soluble in water. Sodium gluconate is used in detergent formulation both in industry and home/ personal care ... Read More

Sodium perborate

Sodium perborate is a white, odorless, water-soluble chemical compound. Sodium perborate serves as a source of active oxygen in many detergents, laundry detergents,... Read More

Sodium sulphate

Sodium sulphate is a white crystalline solid. Sodium sulphate is mainly used for the manufacture of detergents and in the Kraft process of paper... Read More

Sodium sulphide

Sodium sulphide is a white crystalline solid. Sodium Sulpide is mostly used is in the deplilation of hides for leather before tanning, in wood pulp processing and ... Read More

Sodium sulphite

Sodium sulphite is a white powdery salt. Sodium sulphite is primarily used in pulp and paper industry in the kraft process. Also used in water treatment as an oxygen ... Read More

Sodium metabisulphate

Sodium metabisulphate is white powdery salt. Sodium metabisulphate is used as a preservative and antioxidant in food. It is used in homebrewing and winemaking... Read More

N-Methyl-2-pyrrolidone (NMP)

NMP is a colorless liquid, which is miscible with water and with most common organic solvents. NMP o belongs to the class of dipolar aprotic solvents such as ... Read More

Tetrahydrofuran (THF)

Tetra Hydro Furan is a colorless, water-miscible organic liquid with low viscosity. THF has an odor similar to acetone. It is mainly used as a precursor to polymers... Read More

Propylene glycol (Industrial and USP)

Propylene Glycol is a form of mineral oil, an alcohol produced by fermentation of yeast and carbohydrates. This gives it the designation of carbohydrate when used in... Read More

Monoethylene glycol (MEG)

It is an odorless, colorless, syrupy, sweet-tasting liquid. It is primarily used as a raw material in the manufacture of polyester fibers and fabric industry, and used in bottling... Read More

Diethylene glycol (DEG)

Diethylene glycol (DEG) is a colorless, practically odorless, poisonous, and hygroscopic liquid with a sweetish taste. It is a valuable chemical intermediate used in the ... Read More

MP Diol Glycol (2-methyl-1 / 3-propanediol)

Diol Glycol is a clear, colorless, low viscosity liquid. MPDiol glycol provides an excellent balance of tensile strength, elongation and flexibility to the final product. ... Read More

Dipropylene glycol (DPG)

Dipropylene glycol is a colorless, odorless liquid with a high boiling point and low toxicity. It has many uses as a plasticizer, an intermediate in industrial chemical ... Read More

Exxsol™ D40

Exxsol D40 is a mineral oil distillate. It is an aliphatic hydrocarbon comprising of Naphthenic, Paraffinic and Isoparaffinic components. It posses highly reduced odor and can be used in a variety of applications as a replacement... Read More

Exxsol™ D60

Exxsol™ D60 is a dearomatized fluid acting as a solvent. It is a clear and transparent liquid replacing traditional solvents such as mineral or white spirits... Read More

Exxsol™ D80

Exxsol D80 is a mineral oil distillate which essentially is an aliphatic hydrocarbon. It comprises of Naphthenic, Paraffinic and Isoparaffinic components... Read More

Exxsol™ D95

Exxsol D95 is a product of ExxonMobil, it is a petroleum based liquid used as a solvent in industries. It is manufactured by treating with hydrogen in the existence of a catalyst which results in the production of the solvent Exxsol D95, it has mild odor and aroma. To buy... Read More

Exxsol™ D110

If you are looking to buy Exxsol D110 from a reliable Exxsol Chemical Supplier in India your choice would be Pure Chemicals Co. With 36 years of experience as a chemical manufacturer, supplier and distributor, they are trusted by thousands and are the only Exxsol D110 Supplier in India. Exxsol... Read More

Exxsol™ D130

While you buy Exxsol D130 from a distributor or dealer you should make sure that you are purchasing the original product. Exxsol D130 is manufactured by ExxonMobil and is channelize for sale only through authorized distributors. Exxsol D130 Distributor in India is Pure Chemicals Co. who have been, chemical manufacturer,... Read More

Isopar™ G

Isopar™ G - Isopar Grades (CAS: 64742-48-9 / 64742-48-8) are high purity synthetic Isoparaffin Fluids which are manufactured using select feedstocks... Read More

Isopar™ H

sopar™ H - Isopar Grades (CAS: 64742-48-9 / 64742-48-8) are high purity synthetic Isoparaffin Fluids which are manufactured using select feedstocks. ... Read More

Isopar™ L

Isopar™ L - Isopar Grades (CAS: 64742-48-9 / 64742-48-8) are high purity synthetic Isoparaffin Fluids which are manufactured using select feedstocks. These products have Ultra Low Aromatic ... Read More

Isopar™ M

Isopar™ M - Isopar Grades (CAS: 64742-48-9 / 64742-48-8) are high purity synthetic Isoparaffin Fluids which are manufactured using select feedstocks. These products have Ultra Low Aromatic Content and are essentially odorless... Read More

Ethylene dichloride (EDC)

Ethylene dichloride (EDC) is a colourless liquid with a chloroform-like odour. It is generally as intermediate for other organic chemical compounds and as a solvent... Read More

Methylene dichloride (MDC)

Methylene dichloride (MDC) is a colorless, volatile liquid with a moderately sweet aroma. It widely used in the food industry and pharma industry. It has been used to ... Read More


Trichloroethylene is used in metal degreasing, as an extraction solvent for oils, fats and waxes, solvent drying, dry cleaning as a refrigerant and heat exchange liquid. ... Read More


Perchloroethylene is a colorless, nonflammable liquid. It is an excellent solvent for organic materials. It is widely used in textile industry in removing fats, oils and greases ... Read More


Epichlorohydrin is a colorless liquid with a pungent, garlic-like odor, moderately soluble in water. It is used in production of epoxy resin. It is also used in paper industry, ... Read More

Solvent Naptha L (C9)

Solvent Naphtha is a general term as each refinery produces its own naphthas with unique initial and final boiling points and other physical and compositional ... Read More


Toluene is a clear, colorless liquid with a strong, sweet, and pungent odor. It occurs naturally in crude oil. Toluene is used as a solvent and to make aviation gasoline, spray and wall paints,... Read More

Ortho Xylene

Ortho Xylene is a solvent used across many industries for various functions like printing, rubber, and leather industries. it can be substituted for toluene in thinning paints ... Read More

Mineral Turpentine Oil (MTO)

Mineral Turpentine Oil is one of the basic raw materials in the manufacture of varnish, thinner and wood primers. It is used in paint, liquid shoe polish and metal ... Read More

Solvent Naptha M (C10)

Solvent Naptha C10 is used mainly in paints and coatings, printing inks, and the agrochemical industry. It is also ideal for use in process additive fluids such as... Read More

Solvesso 200 (C12)

Solvesso 200 is used in high build coatings and printing inks; agrochemicals; oil field chemicals; fuel additives; and emulsifiers and surfactants... Read More

Mixed Xylene

Mixed Xylene is used as solvent in printing, rubber, and leather industries. In thinning paints and varnishes, it can be substituted for toluene where slower drying is desired. ... Read More


Cyclohexane is a high volume chemical. The commercial uses of Cyclohexane are electroplating, laboratory chemicals, machinery manufacturing and repairing, and rubber industry. It is also widely used in wood stains and varnishes. Used in the formulation of glues for shoes, leather products and roofing. They are also used to extract... Read More


Heptane is a colorless liquid with a gasoline-like odor. Heptane is used as a solvent in adhesives, aerosol cleaners and solvent extraction of vegetable oils and essential oils. Heptane is a component of gasoline In many applications (especially pharmaceutical), the use of n-hexane is being replaced by n-heptane, which will... Read More

Dimethyl sulphoxide (DMSO)

Dimethyl sulphoxide is a colorless liquid that dissolves both polar and nonpolar compounds. It is used as a solvent for chemical reactions involving salts. It is also extensively used as an extractant in biochemistry and cell biology. Less toxic than other members of this class, such as dimethylformamide, dimethylacetamide, N-methyl-2-pyrrolidone, and... Read More


Acetonitrile is a colourless liquid. It is used as a polar solvent in organic synthesis and in the purification of other chemicals. It is used as a solvent for the manufacture of pharmaceuticals and photographic films. Used as extraction and processing solvent in the production of variety of pharmaceuticals, agrochemical,... Read More

Dimethyl formamide (DMF)

Dimethyl formamide is a colourless liquid is miscible with water and the majority of organic liquids. It is as a solvent for polymers in the preparation of chemicals. Also used as solvent in pharmaceutical, dyestuff industry, paint remover, solution of polyamides, and for the production of heat-resistant wire enamel. Used... Read More

N,N-Dimethyl acetamide (DMAC)

Dimethyl acetamide is a colorless, water-miscible with a high high boiling liquid is commonly used as a polar solvent in organic synthesis. Dimethylacetamide is a medium potency reproductive toxicant. Less toxic than DMF. The good water solubility and excellent solvent power particularly for high molecular weight polymers and resins make... Read More


N-Propanol is formed naturally in small amounts during many fermentation processes and used as a solvent in the pharmaceutical industry. It is widely used in the printing and pharma industry. It is also used as solvent in cosmetics, skin/hair preparations, perfumes, pharmaceuticals, lacquer formulations, dye solutions and antifreezes. Used as... Read More

Isopropanol (2-Propanol)

Isopropyl alcohol is a colorless, flammable chemical compound with a strong odor. It is widely used in pharma and automotive industry. Early it was used as an anesthetic. Isopropanol or 2-Propanol is widely used in pharmaceutical application due to its low toxicity of any residues. The other major end user... Read More


N-Butanol is produced industrially from the petrochemical feedstock propylene. It is used in the manufacture of antibiotics, hormones, and vitamins. It is a solvent for paints, coatings, natural resins, gums, synthetic resins, dyes, alkaloids, and camphor. Used as intermediate in the production of butyl acrylate, butyl acetate, dibutyl phthalate, dibutyl... Read More

2-Ethyl hexanol (2-EH)

2-Ethyl Hexanol is a colorless liquid that is poorly soluble in water but soluble in most organic solvents .It is used numerous applications such as solvents, flavors, and fragrances and especially as a precursor for production of other chemicals such as emollients and plasticizers. It is used in the manufacture... Read More


Iso Propyl Alcohol is a colorless, flammable chemical compound with a strong odor. It is a common component of fuel additives intended to prevent the accumulation of water in fuel lines and also it is used in sanitizing small instruments. Used as raw material for isobutyl acetate and phthalate and... Read More

Poly vinyl alcohol (PVA)

Poly vinyl alcohol (PVA) is colorless and odorless which is water soluble. It is mainly used in papermaking, textiles, and a variety of coatings. It is mainly used in the paper, pharma and printing industry. Used as a binder in adhesive formulations and textile sizing and as an emulsion polymerisation aid... Read More

Iso Propyl Alcohol (IPA)

Isopropyl alcohol is a chemical compound with the molecular formula C₃H₈O or C₃H₇OH. It is a colorless, flammable chemical ... Read More


Phenol is colorless and has a sweet odor. Phenol is used in the preparation of resins, dyes, explosives, lubricants, pesticides and plastics. It is indirectly useful in the preparation of plywood. Phenol is also used as an organic solvent to dissolve other alcohols, chloroform and ether... Read More

Oxalic acid

Oxalic acid is a colorless, organic compound that occurs naturally in plants, animals and in humans. It is used in the refinishing of wood furniture. It is a bleaching agent in the textile activities, wood pulp and used in industries like pharma, Fast-moving consumer goods and floor polishing chemicals. Used... Read More

Citric acid

Citric acid is a natural preservative which occurs naturally in citrus fruits and is also used to add an acidic or sour taste to foods and drinks. It is widely used as a chelating agent, binding metals and used to remove scale from boilers and evaporators. Used as a flavoring and preservative in... Read More

Phosphoric acid

Used to clarify the cane juice and to make sugar with better lustre and quality. In Food and beverages, used as acidifying agent and as tart flavouring agent... Read More

Stearic acid

Stearic acid is obtained from fats and oils by the saponification of the triglycerides using hot water. Stearic acid is mainly used in the production of detergents, soaps, and cosmetics such as shampoos and shaving cream products. Soaps are not made directly from stearic acid. Mainly used in the production... Read More

Formic acid

ormic acid is a colorless liquid having a highly pungent, penetrating odor at room temperature. Formic acid is very frequently used in food products as a preservative or on crops as a pesticide. It is in the production of leather, textiles and leather. Used as preservative in food industry. Other... Read More

Acetic acid

Acetic acid is the second simplest carboxylic acid and is an important chemical reagent, mainly used in the production of cellulose acetate for photographic film and polyvinyl acetate for wood glue, as well as synthetic fibers and fabrics. Used as preservative in food industry  Used as raw material in the production of VAM, other acetate ester etc.  ... Read More

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