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Pure Chemicals manufactures and supplies Leather Dyes that are highly in demand in worldwide leather manufacturing industries. The organization is fully dedicated to keep up with ever-increasing demand and to offer greater accessibility to clients all over the world. To cater varied demands of the customers, leather dyes are available in a wide range of shades. This range includes Yellow Leather Dyes, Red Leather Dyes, Pink Leather Dyes, Orange Leather Dyes, Grey Leather Dyes, Green Leather Dyes, Brown Leather Dyes, Blue Leather Dyes and Black Leather Dyes. Technology is the key driver of business growth for Pure Chemicals. These Leather Dyes are manufactured with the use of latest technology and are as per the approved standards.
Wet end auxiliariesare used during the wet end operations of leather processing for re-chroming, neutralization of wet leather, to adjust pH of the leather surface. They help the entire cross-section of leather to achieve specific suitable values for further processing like re-tanning, dyeing & fatliquoring, dispersion of the main re-tanning agents, dye leveling and dye penetration during dyeing operations.Here, our expertise lies in ensuring each of the solutions offered by us meet the demands of our customers. Pure Chemicals offers quality solutions with very high stability, which can be used in wetting back, washing, dispersing natural fats, for even distribution of chrome, syntans, fatliquors and promote level dyeing.
Fatliquorsare used during the wet end operations of leather processing for lubrication of leather fibers. Fatliquors make leather soft, stretchable and flexible to handle for various end uses. Pure Chemicals' leather chemicals as fatliquors include cationic, anionic & non-ionic fatliquors. They give a nice pleasant touch to all types of leathers when used as a top fatliquor. The pure and accurate formulation standards enhanceperformance values of these chemicals, which in turn result in quality leather production. Based on innovative approach and latest technology, these add value to the processed leather as well as reduce environmental impact of tanneries
Wet end syntans are particularly suitable for filling loose areas of leather. They are very useful during re-tanning of chrome tanned leather and help in upgradation of quality of leather. Pure Chemicals offers innovative products with advanced science and technology to provide long-term viable and sustainable products such as Chrome complex syntan, masked chrome complex. These wet end syntans improve the chrome character of the leather; ensure very good fullness and softness with a tight and fine grain. When used in pre-tanning stage, these products ensure rapid penetration and complete exhaustion of chrome, reducing the pollution load.

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Pure Chemicals’ leather chemicals unit is a leading provider of system solutions for the leather industry, from chemicals for all stages of leather production to intensive on-site technical support. Our global offerings provide customers with solutions to optimize formulations, developing innovative solutions that make them more competitive in global market. Our offerings are backed by consistent high product quality, consumer safety and customer service, which help our customers to comply with environmental requirements and government legislations. We provide chemicals for the production of leather and fur for shoe, garment, automotive and leather goods.

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We understand that stakeholder trust is the most important asset we can build in this business. Building this trust is much more than just keeping good relationships – we believe it is our commitment to the quality in the processes we follow that has helped us deliver top notch quality in the products, solutions and services that we offer.

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