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Pure Chemicals manufactures a full range of quality lubricant chemical solutions especially designed for industrial applications, with a focus on flexibility, technical support and customer satisfaction. Lubricant chemical packages impart superior properties and enhance existing properties that influence the performance of lubricant oils. These lubricant chemicals live up to specific qualifications in order to be able to withstand the extreme circumstances that are encountered in many different industrial applications. Many lubricant solutions are engineered to address the lubrication demands of a new generation of high-pressure industrial equipment — helping to reduce power consumption and increase machine output.
Pure Chemicals provides a wide selection of products for formulating the right lubricants, such as viscosity modifiers, engine oil packages, driveline packages, components and many other products. The products have been fully tested to meet the requirements of most vital specifications in the automotive lubricant market. Lubricant chemicals can provide significant savings for the overall maintenance budget by promoting longer equipment life and helping to extend lubrication intervals, thus providing a more effective scheduled maintenance program. Reduced internal friction that Lubricant chemicals deliver can also improve the mechanical efficiency of automotive equipment, leading to lower energy consumption.
Humidity and moisture are invisible yet destructive elements that can contribute to the rapid deterioration of many products. Pure Chemicals combines material sciences and process management expertise to implement custom corrosion solutions for our clients. Our Corrosion Inhibitors offer the benefits of a barrier along with superior corrosion inhibiting protection. They protect the metal from oxidation. These Corrosion Inhibitors deactivate acidic humidity by providing elongated protection periods also strongly act as excellent corrosion prevention solutions in corrosive environment. Corrosion inhibitor molecules settle on metal surfaces and form a protective corrosion inhibiting layer that inhibits the electro-chemical reactions that cause corrosion to form.
In order to meet the various requirements of our esteemed clients, we are engaged in offering a quality approved grade Rust Preventive oils. The offered oils are precisely formulated using premium grade chemical compounds and modern techniques by our chemical experts. In order to ensure its optimum quality, our quality controllers stringently test these oils against various quality parameters. These oils are highly admired in the industry for their high boiling point, low freezing point and excellent oxidation stability which assure optimum protection from rust to ferrous and most non-ferrous metals, even in high-humidity environments.

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Each lubricant chemical is selected for its ability to perform one or more specific functions in combination with other additives. Lubricant chemicals are formulated into packages for use with a specific lubricant base stock and for a specified end-use application. The major lubricant chemical types are dispersants, oxidation inhibitors, anti-wear agents, extreme-pressure additives, stabilizers, corrosion inhibitors, de-emulsifiers and viscosity index improvers.

Pure Chemicals works with customers to ensure their lubricants have optimal chemical balances for increased protection, marketable claims and competitive product positioning.

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We understand that stakeholder trust is the most important asset we can build in this business. Building this trust is much more than just keeping good relationships – we believe it is our commitment to the quality in the processes we follow that has helped us deliver top notch quality in the products, solutions and services that we offer.

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