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Paint And Coating

  • Wetting and dispersing agents
  • UV Absorber and Light Stabilizer
  • Wax
  • Defoamers
Optimal dispersion and stabilization of pigment particles is a significant factor in determining the end properties of coatings, paints or printing inks. The pigments and fillers of the paint formulation must be ground to small-sized particles, wetted and uniformly distributed as stably as possible. Pigment dispersion and stabilization, which requires time and energy, is hardly possible without suitable wetting and dispersing additives. Wetting agents are surface-active substances and improve the wetting of solids in paints and coatings. Dispersing agents prevent particles flocculating by various mechanisms (electrostatic effects, steric effects). Wetting and dispersing additives unite both mechanisms of action in one product, i.e. they are both wetting and stabilizing.
The composition & molecular weight of a polymer starts to change when it is exposed to shear stress, heat, light, air, water, radiation or mechanical loading. This starts chemical reactions that lead to a modification of physical & optical properties of the polymers in paint. Our efficient chemical solutions -Eversorb80, Eversorb90, Eversorb11are used to avoid the chemical reaction process called photo-degradation that takes place when UV radiation from sun or artificial light breaks down the chemical bonds in a polymer, ultimately causing cracking, chalking, color changes & the loss of physical properties.
Waxes impart or improve, effect attributes such as slip and lubrication, abrasion resistance, anti-blocking, matting and water repellency - all critical properties in the coating and ink areas. Waxes are often classified as surface conditioner additives. Wax solutions are now well established and extensively used in aqueous formulations such as coatings, inks, textile and leather treatments, polishes, paper and cardboard coatings, etc. These ready-to-use solutions can be easily incorporatedinto paint by simple mixing. Their very fine particle size ensures an intimate and homogeneous incorporation within other ingredients of the formulation, maximizing the required effects.
Foam is a dispersion of a gas in a liquid. The occurrence of foam when producing and processing coatings, printing inks, plastic materials is usually not desired. Defoamers are release agents which prevent and destroy the foam bubbles and enable an improved processing, a perfect surface and optimum product properties. Pure Chemicals offers defoamers, which can be used in a variety of different applications. Silicone defoamers are liquids with exceptionally low surface tension. Silicone based defoamers are suitable for all type of leathers for high solid & high viscosity systems such as pu& epoxy floor coatings.

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Paint And Coating

Pure Chemicals provides cutting-edge chemical solutions to optimize paint formulations, developing innovative coatings solutions that make our customers more competitive in the global market. Although used in very small quantities, additives can have a huge impact on paints and coating performance and application properties.

With our experience as a leading manufacturer and supplier to the paint, coating and ink industries and our focus on innovation, Pure Chemicals develops additives that give paint and coatings formulators the edge they need to design high performance, low VOC coatings that have great appearance and are easy to use.

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We understand that stakeholder trust is the most important asset we can build in this business. Building this trust is much more than just keeping good relationships – we believe it is our commitment to the quality in the processes we follow that has helped us deliver top notch quality in the products, solutions and services that we offer.

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