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Optical brighteners are used to make paper appear whiter. Optical-brightening agents use fluorescence to absorb invisible radiation from the ultraviolet part of the light spectrum and re-emit the radiation as light in the visible blue range. The additional blue light offsets the yellowish tinge that would otherwise exist in the reflected light characteristics. Many optical brightening agents are formulated to help our customers. Leucophor is an optical brightening agent. Leucophor has urea-containing with di-sulpho optical brightener which is used for stock and coating applications. Leucophoruo is a neutral shade tetrasulphonated optical brightener, which has a good physical and chemical bonding to bleached pulps, very good compatibility with commercial starches and good stability to acids and alkalis.
We manufacture noval water based surface sizing emulsion polymers, which are used on uncoated paper. They are specifically designed to enhance inkjet printability of multipurpose printing paper and optimize sizing efficiency in most papermaking systems. We manufacture different grades of surface sizing emulsions for different type of papers. Our emulsions are uniquely formulated to work effectively with most retention systems currently employed in the paper industry. These emulsions provide excellent resistance to a wide variety of penetrants and react directly with cellulose to provide sizing.
Pure Chemicals is known as one of the leading provider of good quality Paper Dyes. Matching the quality set by industrial standards by using top quality raw materials, increased efficiency and high performance of products is attained. We provide value add-ons by optimizing costs, technical excellence and long lasting dyes that helps its end-users stand out now and in the future. Our approach is based on technical problem-solving to achieve innovative process specific solutions. Carta dyes offered by Pure Chemicals are specially selected anionic, substantive direct dyes for dyeing sized and un-sized wood-free papers and industrial grades.
Process chemicals are used to enhance industrial processes: improving runnability, product quality, process speed and reduce need for maintenance stops, without meanwhile changing their porosity, flexibility, gas permeability, appearance and wet strength. Pure chemicals offers wide range of process chemicals for paper industry which improve wet surface strength by decreasing the water solubility of paper. Pure Chemicals also offers water-based polymer emulsion that improves paper machine cleanliness and run ability. Thus helps in the overall performance of the machine by preventing the dust from clinging in the surface.

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Pure Chemicals is passionately involved in innovating sustainable chemicals for paper industries covering a broad spectrum of products, process and applications, Pure Chemicals has unique expertise in applying chemicals to create value both in the pulp and papermaking process and for the final product. Through our high performance chemicals, we improve process efficiency, productivity and end-product quality of paper.

Pure Chemicals’ ever expanding product range includes speciality products like flocculants, Kraft paper dyes,optical brightening agents, process chemicals, coating chemicals and converting additives.

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We understand that stakeholder trust is the most important asset we can build in this business. Building this trust is much more than just keeping good relationships – we believe it is our commitment to the quality in the processes we follow that has helped us deliver top notch quality in the products, solutions and services that we offer.

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