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Pure Chemicals endeavors to assist our valued customers by integrating technology and expertises, creating innovative solutions that enable our customers to benchmark new levels of efficiencies in the market, open up more business areas and reduce costs. Textile chemicals offered by Pure Chemicals find use as wetting agents, dispersing agents, softening agent, reducing agents, levelling agents and sequestrates in textile industry. We continually upgrade our technology and capabilities to deliver world class products and services.

  • Pre-treatment chemicals
  • Dyeing auxiliaries
  • Finishing auxiliaries
  • Optical Brighteners
Pre-treatment chemicals help in wetting, de-aerating, desizing of textile fabrics. The performance of pre-treatment depends on the quality of chemical used. Production and quality assurance technologies at Pure Chemicals guarantee consistently high product quality. The dedicated team at Pure Chemicals has in-depth knowledge and extensive international experience to offer, advice and support to help overcome complex challenges of textile industry. We offer wide range of pre-treatment chemicals which cover de-foaming, wetting, de-sizing, peroxide stabilizing, demineralizing agents that satisfy textile pre-treatment in an effective and economic manner.
Dyeing auxiliaries have great effects in dyeing of textiles. In the world market of dying, Pure Chemicals manufactures such types of chemicals which are advantageous for the dyeing process. In dyeing and printing, a ration is maintained between water and chemicals. Pure Chemicals offers a premium grade textile dye chemicals which solve various problems faced by our customers by making the dyeing process more reliable and stable. These chemicals include high level sequestering agents, good leveling with dispersing agents, disaggregating agents and soaping agents.
The finishing auxiliaries offered by Pure Chemicals are environment friendly and are extensively used for providing excellent smoothness along with softness and stiffness to various fabrics. Finishing auxiliaries are finely produced by Pure Chemicals by adopting best processing techniques. These integrated solutions are processed in accordance with international standard to ensure their effective usage for various finishing of textiles. Our finishing auxiliaries include various types of chemicals such as good yarn lubricating softeners, softeners for specialty surface feel, stiffening agents, cross linking agents and special effect agents. Moreover, these are processed by using superior grade chemicals and checked on certain well-defined quality parameters to ensure their effectiveness.
Optical brighteners or fluorescent whitening agents are used to make fibers to appear whiter and brighter. These create brilliance by absorbing UV light, modifying the wavelength of the light and then emitting the light in a fluorescent fashion. Optical brighteners are particularly useful to mask the yellowish cast sometimes observed in fibers after high processing operations. They are also used in substrates containing pigments or dyes to make colors appear more delightful. Wide variety of optical brighteners are offered by Pure Chemicals which are heat resistant, solvent soluble, chemically stable fluorescent whiteners that provides brighter looking colors.

Ladiquest 1097 liq

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Drimagen e3r liq

Good Leveling with Dispersing,Disagregating Agent... Read More

Humectol c liq c

Biodegradable 7 in 1 Levelling & Dispersing Agent... Read More

Optifix hcf liq

Highly Concentrated Fixing Agent... Read More

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Highly Effective Fixing Agent in Wet Fastenss (GOTS approved)... Read More

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Padding Auxilary increasing in liquer pick up... Read More

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Destofil lc liq

Good Wax Based Lubricating Softner (Waekly Cationic)... Read More

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Solusoft sih liq

Hydrophilic Micro Emulsion Silicone Softner(Non-ionic)... Read More

Ceraperm 3p plus liq

Hydrophilic Micro Emulsion Silicone Softner(Cationic)... Read More

Solusoft mw liq

Micro Emulsion Silicone Softner with Good stable in Thermo igration ... Read More

Solusoft up liq c

Highly Concentrated Macro Emulsion with Good Permanent Surface Feel... Read More

Ceralube hd liq

Highly Effective Polyethylene Emulsion... Read More

Dicofix sw liq c

Anti slipage, Seem Slipage  & Anti Pilling Agent... Read More

Appratan em plus

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Hydroperm rpu liq c

Thermoreactive Polyurathane for Special Effects... Read More

Leomin afk liq

Hydrophilic Softner for Special Care Finish... Read More

Arkofix nec plus liq

Cross lInking Agent for Wrinkle free Finish(0% Cl Retension)... Read More

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Extra Low Formaldehyde Cross linking Agent ... Read More

Arkofix nzk liq

Non Formaldehyde Cross Linking Agent(GOTS apprved)... Read More

Bactosol phc liq c

Highly Concentrated Alpha Amylase Based Desizing Agent... Read More

Hostapal irz liq c

Hostapal irz liq c – Strong Non-ionic  Wetting Agent... Read More

Hostapal nan liq c

Highly Efficiant An-ionic/Non-ionic Deaerating Agent with Outstanding Foam Suppression... Read More

Sirrix 2udi liq

Sirrix 2udi liq – Strong Deminaralizing Agent... Read More

Sirrix antox liq

Highly Effective Deminaralazing Agent compatible with alpha amylase desizing... Read More

Stabilizer nkc liq

Strong Economical Peroxide Stabilzer... Read More

Bactosol tki liq

Economical Desizing Agent at Cold Process... Read More

Bactosol mac liq c

High Active Strong Acid Cellulase with Excellent Bio-Polishing Effect... Read More

Mercerol qwni liq

Effective Low Foaming Wetting Agent for Mercerisation... Read More

Imerol hpj liq

Strong Non-ionic  Wetting Agent... Read More

Stabilizer awni liq

Stabilizer awni liq – Strong Economical Peroxide Stabilzer... Read More

Imerol nlf liq

Strong Non-ionic Low Foaming Wetting Agent... Read More

Imerol blue liq

All in One Bleaching Auxilary(An-ionic)... Read More

Imerol mwp liq

All in One Bleaching Auxilary(Non-ionic)... Read More

Hostapal uh liq c

Strong An-ionic Low Foaming Wetting Agent with Good Sequestering Properties... Read More

Sirrix yk liq

Strong Deminaralizing Agent... Read More

Stabilizer eco liq

Economical Peroxide Stabilzer... Read More

Sirrix cpa liq

Inorganic Peroxide Killer... Read More

Bactosol rox liq c

Catalyze Enzyme for Peroxide Killer... Read More

Hostapal dtci liq

An-ionic  Wetting Agent with Good Detergent Properties ( An- ionic)... Read More

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