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Finishing Auxillaries

Destofil yl liq

It is Good Yarn Lubricating Softner ( Non-ionic)... Read More

Ceralube et liq

Economical Yarn Lubricating Softner (Amphoteric)... Read More

Destofil lc liq

Good Wax Based Lubricating Softner (Waekly Cationic)... Read More

Leomin spl liq

Cationic Softner for Speciality Surface Feel... Read More

Leomin hbn liq

Cationic Softner for Bulky Feel works with wide p... Read More

Leomin ese liq

Silicone Based Cationic Softner... Read More

Solusoft sih liq

Hydrophilic Micro Emulsion Silicone Softner(Non-ionic)... Read More

Ceraperm 3p plus liq

Hydrophilic Micro Emulsion Silicone Softner(Cationic)... Read More

Solusoft mw liq

Micro Emulsion Silicone Softner with Good stable in Thermo igration ... Read More

Solusoft up liq c

Highly Concentrated Macro Emulsion with Good Permanent Surface Feel... Read More

Ceralube hd liq

Highly Effective Polyethylene Emulsion... Read More

Dicofix sw liq c

Anti slipage, Seem Slipage  & Anti Pilling Agent... Read More

Appratan em plus

Handle Modifier Stiffining Agent... Read More

Hydroperm rpu liq c

Thermoreactive Polyurathane for Special Effects... Read More

Leomin afk liq

Hydrophilic Softner for Special Care Finish... Read More

Arkofix nec plus liq

Cross lInking Agent for Wrinkle free Finish(0% Cl Retension)... Read More

Arkofix elf liq

Extra Low Formaldehyde Cross linking Agent ... Read More

Arkofix nzk liq

Non Formaldehyde Cross Linking Agent(GOTS apprved)... Read More

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