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Oba (optical Brightenning Agent)

Oba is commonly added to laundry detergents to make the clothes appear cleaner. Normally cleaned laundry appears yellowish. Brighteners are used in many papers, especially high brightness papers, resulting in their strongly fluorescent appearance under UV illumination. Optical brighteners have also found use in cosmetics.

Cartarex 2l liquid

Cartarex 2l liquid as a highly effective, fast working quenching agent for the fluorescent whitening agents used in the paper industry. Cartarex 2L liquid is an optical ... Read More

Leucophor xl-s liq

Leucophor xl-s liq is a very low affinity optical brightener, particularly suitable for natural and regenerated fibres and textiles made from blends of cellulose and synthetic ... Read More

Leucophor xl-c liq

Leucophor xl improves whiteness build-up without destroying brightness for coated and uncoated papers and board. Leucophor xl provides a step-change in the whiteness and brightness... Read More

Leucophor uo liq 80

Leucophor uo liq is a fluorescent brightener for cellulosic fibres and their blends with synthetic fibre. Leucophor uo liquid produces brilliant whitening effects with a blue ... Read More

Leucophor uo liq

Leucophor uo is a neutral shade tetrasulphonated optical brighteners with used in the stock ofsized and unsized papers, It is a good substantivity to bleached pulps, ... Read More

Leucophor szw liq

Leucophor acts as an optical brightening agent. Leucophor has urea-containing with di-sulpho optical brightener which used for stock and coating applications... Read More

Leucophor as liq

Leucophor acts as an optical brightening agent. Leucophor exhibits easier handling, low transport costs and carbon footprint. It provides state-of-the-art effectiveness ... Read More

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