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Pre-treatment Chemicals

Bactosol phc liq c

Highly Concentrated Alpha Amylase Based Desizing Agent... Read More

Hostapal irz liq c

Hostapal irz liq c – Strong Non-ionic  Wetting Agent... Read More

Hostapal nan liq c

Highly Efficiant An-ionic/Non-ionic Deaerating Agent with Outstanding Foam Suppression... Read More

Sirrix 2udi liq

Sirrix 2udi liq – Strong Deminaralizing Agent... Read More

Sirrix antox liq

Highly Effective Deminaralazing Agent compatible with alpha amylase desizing... Read More

Stabilizer nkc liq

Strong Economical Peroxide Stabilzer... Read More

Sirrix N Liq

Best Fabric Core Neutralizer with pH Stabilizing in Bath... Read More

Bactosol tki liq

Economical Desizing Agent at Cold Process... Read More

Bactosol mac liq c

High Active Strong Acid Cellulase with Excellent Bio-Polishing Effect... Read More

Mercerol qwni liq

Effective Low Foaming Wetting Agent for Mercerisation... Read More

Imerol hpj liq

Strong Non-ionic  Wetting Agent... Read More

Stabilizer awni liq

Stabilizer awni liq – Strong Economical Peroxide Stabilzer... Read More

Imerol nlf liq

Strong Non-ionic Low Foaming Wetting Agent... Read More

Imerol blue liq

All in One Bleaching Auxilary(An-ionic)... Read More

Imerol mwp liq

All in One Bleaching Auxilary(Non-ionic)... Read More

Hostapal uh liq c

Strong An-ionic Low Foaming Wetting Agent with Good Sequestering Properties... Read More

Sirrix yk liq

Strong Deminaralizing Agent... Read More

Stabilizer eco liq

Economical Peroxide Stabilzer... Read More

Sirrix cpa liq

Inorganic Peroxide Killer... Read More

Bactosol rox liq c

Catalyze Enzyme for Peroxide Killer... Read More

Hostapal dtci liq

An-ionic  Wetting Agent with Good Detergent Properties ( An- ionic)... Read More

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