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Reflex Natural White Pearl Pigment

N 800S

They deliver superior whiteness, which is used in paints. It has an ultra reflex super white surface with an excellent coating. The particle size of N 800S is 9-45 µm. Reflex super white with particle size 9-45 µm. A CQV product... Read More

N 801 F

White pearl effect pigment. Particle size 2 – 12 microns , printing inks, solvent based paints, water based paints, powder coatings. A CQV product... Read More

N 800D

N 800D gives a long-lasting, even coated white finish. It is a reflex white material with particle size 4-25 µm. This is a water based paint and used for coating. Reflex white with particle size 4-25  µm. A CQV product.  ... Read More

N 800E

N 800E coating on even surfaces gives a glitter on it, and the coating enhances the quality of the material. This is a water based material and the particle size is particle size 18-102 µm. Reflex glitter with particle size 18-102 µm . A CQV product... Read More

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