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Rust Preventives

PURIT is a brand under the wings of Pon Pure Chemicals Group that focuses on providing solutions for metal corrosion protection. Degreasing, stamping & metal forming application to eliminate downtime and cut production costs and thereby providing significant cost and performance benefits.

Through extensive research and ongoing development at Pon Pure Chemical Group we have formulated a wide range of corrosion protection products. The products are manufactured at our state of the art manufacturing facility located in Chennai.

The products cater to a wide variety of industries like automotive, process, steel tubes, valves, fasteners foundries, aerospace, engine components, electrical components, transmission and metal forming industries.

To ensure consistency of the finished products, stringent quality checks are carried out at our laboratory. Pon Pure Chemicals Group is committed to work towards high level of customer satisfaction by ensuring

S.No Rust preventive Oil Base Film thickness in Microns Drying Time Viscosity SS Test Passes Spacial Features
1 Purit RF 402M Solvent 2 – 3 2 cSt 48 hrs Dewatering, Soft Film
2 Purit RF 403M Solvent 2 – 3 2 cSt 72 hrs Dewatering
3 Purit RF 406 Solvent 2 – 3 2 cSt 72 hrs Dewatering, for Ferrous and non-ferrous metals
4 Purit RF 403 Solvent 2 – 3 2 cSt 48 hrs High Flash Point
5 Purit RF 403MV Solvent 2 – 3 2 cSt 48 hrs Dewatering, non-staining, dry touch, good coverage
6 Purit RF 407F Solvent 2 – 3 2 cSt 144 hrs Dewatering, Designed for Fastener Industry. FP 65℃
7 Purit RF 406F Solvent 3 – 4 2 cSt 24 hrs Dewatering, Designed for Steel Tube Mills
8 Purit RF 406ACR Solvent 2 – 3 3 cSt 144 hrs Acidic Environment High Flash Point
9 Purit RF 413 Solvent 5 5 cSt 120 hrs Dewatering, Greasy Film
10 Purit RF 406M Solvent 3 – 4 2 cSt 72 hrs Dewatering
11 Purit RF 406 DT Solvent 1 15 min 1 cSt 120 hrs Dewatering, Dry to touch, High Coverage.
12 Purit RF 603 Oil 12 – 14 18 cSt 96 hrs Very High Flash Point.

Other Rust Preventives

S.No Product Application, Features, Attributes
1 Purit RF 102 WB Nitrite free rust protective ideal for leak tests, in-plant rust protection
2 Purit RF DW 40 Solvent based rust preventive and cleaner.
3 Purit RF SL 919 Stamping lubricant
4 Purit CF 4113 Calibration Fluid
5 Purit RC Safe, effective, acidic rust remover
6 Purit AF 723 Aluminium Finning lubricant for Radiators and air-conditioning coils
7 Speciality Oils We do have some of the other industry specific rust preventive functional oils. Please enquire with us contact our local / nearest office.


S.No Product Application, Features, Attributes
1 Purit Multiclean Low pH, Low Foaming cleaning chemical for washing machines including ultrasonic washing machines
2 Purit Multiclean HD Low Foaming cleaning chemical for washing machines including ultrasonic washing machines.
3 Purit Bioclean Bio-degradable cleaner, convenient in effluent treatment
4 Purit Multiclean NC Non-Chelated cleaning chemical ideal for cleaning components where subsequent Pre-treatment and painting is done.
5 Purit SC 609 Solvent based cleaner containing agreeable solvents, mild pleasant odour

Paint Stripping Chemicals

S.No Product Application, Features, Attributes
1 Purit PSP 100 For Powder Paints removal from Aluminium parts
2 Purit ECS 100 For Electrocoat and Industry Coats.
3 Purit PSP 110 Bio-degradable stripper of Enamel paints, slow
4 Purit PSP 170 Bio-degradable for enamels paints quick but not for epoxy and PU paints suitable for furniture and transformer paints.
5 Purit PSC 200 Bio-degradable, safer stripper for enamels, epoxy and PU paints, ideal for auto garages.
6 Purit PSM 150 For 4 coat systems in automotive industries.

Quality Assurance

We understand that stakeholder trust is the most important asset we can build in this business. Building this trust is much more than just keeping good relationships – we believe it is our commitment to the quality in the processes we follow that has helped us deliver top notch quality in the products, solutions and services that we offer.

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