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Thermoplastic Polyolefin

Adflex Q 100F

Adflex Q 100 F is a thermoplastic polyolefin, which is mainly used by our customers for the extrusion of blown film. It is also suitable for sheet extrusion... Read More

Adflex C 200F

Adflex C 200 F is developed for the central layer of tough, transparent co-extruded cast-film structures. It combines transparency with high softness, a very high toughness ... Read More

Adflex Q 300F

Adflex Q 300 F is used as impact modifier of polypropylene homopolymer in extrusion applications. In strapping applications for instance, it notably decreases fibrillation ... Read More

Adflex Z 101H

Adflex Z 101 H is a reactor thermoplastic polyolefin. It exhibits high softness and low modulus, with high melt flow index. It is tailored to replace atactic polypropylene copolymers... Read More

Adflex X 500F

Adflex X 500 F is a thermoplastic polyolefin which has been developed for co-extruded cast film and injection moulding applications. It features a high softness,... Read More

Hifax CA 7320

Hifax CA 7320 is a new elastomeric thermoplastic polyolefin with high rubber content. This grade is designed for use in compounds where it shows high efficiency as impact modifier. ... Read More

Koattro AR05

Koattro KT AR05 is a novel plastomeric material. It shows excellent compression set performances which is highly compatible with Polypropylene... Read More

Lucalen A2700M

Lucalen A2700M is a low density polyethylene, containing butyl acrylate comonomer. It exhibits low stiffness, low hardness and good impact properties at low temperature... Read More

Softell 7413

Softell CA 7413 A is a reactor. It is suitable for the extrusion, calendaring and extrusion blow moulding of very soft film and sheet as well as for injection molded parts... Read More

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