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Wet End - Fatliquors

Purelikx SFW

Purelikx Sfw is a synthetic fatliquor. It is waxy, sulphonated synthetic oil. The high quality fatliquors gives excellent grain softness, grain flexibility with very good grain tightness, suitable for all type of leathers for chrome and semi chrome leathers... Read More

Purelikx SSF

Purelikx Ssf is a semi synthetic fatliquor. It is a compact fatliquor, mainly from synthetic base. It is a universal pre fatliquor and as main fatliquor to get very fine grain with a warm touch, round and feel. It improves the strength and resists fungus growth... Read More

Purelikx KFW

Purelikx KFW is a cationic fatliquor. It is waxy, white paste emulsion of synthetic oil having mild cationic charge with good fastness properties. It gives a nice pleasant touch to all types of leathers when used as a top fatliquor... Read More

Purelikx SL

Purelikx Sl is a special silicone based fatliquor. It has an excellent tanning effect. It helps avoid looseness and gives a silky feel with springy effects, and light weight leathers... Read More

Purelikx wax

Purelikx wax is a fibre lubricating fatliquor. It makes the fiber to slide and not to stretch. The reactive fatliquor for wet blues helps to produce special lusture to the chemicals... Read More

Purelikx LA

Purelikx La is a special fatliquor. It has natural product to produce grain reactivity.The leather grain reactivity leather helps to improve the grain reactivities like darkening polishing and tumble effect... Read More

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