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Wet End - Syntans

Puretaan CCS

Puretaan Ccs is a chrome complex syntan. It helps to improve the chrome character of the leather. It ensures very good fullness and softness with a tight and fine grain. ... Read More

Puretaan NSL

Puretaan Nsl is a neutralising syntan liquid. It is effective and safe neutralising agent to lower the cationic charge of mineral tanning agents.It helps to facilitate subsequent retaining, faliquoring and dyeing operations... Read More

Puretaan MPS

Puretaan Mps is a maleic polymer syntan. It is unique and speciality syntan based on polymer to impart excellent body with tight grain. It is highly suitable for all type of leathers for upholstery and corrected grain articles... Read More

Puretaan PFF

Puretaan Pff is a phenolic, free formaldehyde free syntan. It is free formaldehyde and free replacement syntan for multi stage usage to get the required leather with good grain tightness, roundness, overall filling with smooth and fine grain... Read More

Puretaan RFF

Puretaan Rff is a resin syntan. It is formaldehyde free, melamine resin syntan to produce free formaldehyde free leathers with good fullness... Read More

Puretaan DL

Puretaan Dl is a dye leveling syntan. This is a dispersing agent for vegetable tannins and resin syntans. This improves the penetration of dyes and distribution of tanning agents uniformly into the leather... Read More

Puretaan HPP

Puretaan Hpp is an innovative polymer. It helps in fixing reduce tds, cod and bod level in the effluent. It also helps in enriching the performance of the water resistant leather... Read More

Puretaan VEG

Puretaan Veg is a unique vegetable tanning agent having natural resins and sugars. It is a right choice of vegetable tannin having fine tanning and strong filling... Read More

Vegetan T

Vegetan T is a naturally occurring element. It is an enriched vegetable tanning agent containing protein -collagen fill the bellies ... Read More

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