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Phosphoric acid

H3PO4 is the formula of phosphoric acid, it is also known by the name orthophosphoric acid. It is a week acid with sour taste and is available in technical & food grade. If you are wondering, where to buy phosphoric acid food grade which is of high quality, then just go ahead and place your order with Pon Pure Chemicals. We are leading food grade phosphoric acid supplier in India with renowned brands going for phosphoric acid bulk purchase as in tons from us month on month. With 37 years of experience in the chemical industry and dealing with industries like leather, food, water treatment, paints & coating etc. ,you can expect the best phosphoric acid food grade price in India. You can also buy phosphoric acid in Dubai, Sri Lanka, Australia and Singapore in addition to several other chemicals.

Some of the common phosphoric acid uses are :
  • Fertilizer
  • Anti rust treatment
  • Production of activated carbon
  • pH correction in cosmetics
  • Sanitizer in dairy and food industry

In addition to being phosphoric acid wholesale supplier and dealer, smaller quantities as in 500 ml, 1 liter pack for testing & research purposes are handled by our ecommerce website You are best assured of quality, prompt delivery and also competitive phosphoric acid market price.