Basic Chemical

Basic Chemical

Basic Chemicals are the vital products which are the fundamental chemicals. It is used as starting materials and processed further to yield coatings, colorants, adhesives, medicines, agrochemicals and more. They are classified as naturally occurring, and chemically treated. Once prepared, it helps synthesize advanced chemical combinations. Researchers have been trying to find newer chemicals and substances to enhance the quality of living and the growing demands of the current competitive scenario.

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Basic Chemical Suppliers and Distributors in India

We offers wide range of basic chemicals. High quality chemicals are available under acids, alcohols, aliphatic solvents, aromatic solvents, ketone in india. Pon Pure Chemicals is one among the leading chemical manufacturing companies in India. A wide range of chemicals are dealt with and the broad categories of them are performance chemicals, Basic chemicals and lab chemicals. In performance chemicals we are one among the quality fine chemical manufacturing companies in India who supply to leading pharma companies. We are wholesale chemical suppliers for chemicals under the category textile chemicals, paints and coatings,rust preventives,oil filed chemicals and more.

As far as basic chemicals are concerned we cater to all the industries; being industrial grade chemical suppliers our customers are there in every industry vertical. As its known, basic chemicals are used within the chemical industry to manufacture products that are used by the general public. As a basic chemical supplier we handle acetates, acids,base oils, carbonates, alcohols, dearomatized hydrocarbon fluids, dearomatized solvents and more. Huge quantities of basic chemicals are consumed by industries and we being industrial chemical suppliers in India have good stock of all the chemicals which are raw materials. Chemicals, and specially basic chemicals need to match exact specification as they are the raw material and we as basic chemical supplier follow stringent procedures to meet quality standards. As far as delivery is concerned chemical distributors in India face challenges with scattered locations. We at Pon Pure chemicals operate out of 24 branches and warehouses which makes deliveries swift and cost effective. Having branches overseas we are also into chemical import and export in India, Dubai, Srilanka, Australia & Bangladesh. As trusted industrial chemical suppliers in India with close to four decades of experience we have systems and processes in place for smooth delivery and uninterrupted work flow.. In addition to being bulk basic chemicals supplier we also deal with chemicals in small quantities, send us an enquiry and we’ll do the needful.