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Isopar™ H

Isopar H (CAS No.64742-48-9 / 90622-57-4) is manufactured from petroleum based raw material which is treated with hydrogen in the presence of a catalyst. It is a low odor, hydrocarbon solvent which consists mainly of isoalkanes. When compared to conventional solvents Isopar H is distinct with the following properties.

  • Fast evaporation
  • Odorless 0.01wt%
  • Compatible with selected food contact applications
  • Non hazardous

Isopar H uses can be found in areas as

  • Dry cleaning
  • Industrial cleaning
  • Mold release agent
  • Decorative Coating
  • BBQ Lighter
  • Cleaner & Polisher
  • Forming Fluid
  • Rust Preventive
  • Polymerization Process Fluid
  • Liquid toner

The manufacturer of Isopar H, Isopar M, G and H is ExxonMobil and in India Pure Chemicals the only authorized dealer, distributor & supplier. Isopar H is available at our branches in overseas location like Srilanka, Singapore, Australia and Dubai. We are also involved in import and export of wide range of chemicals other than being Isopar H distributor.When you buy Isopar H or any other chemical we supply Isopar MSDS along with it for safe handling of the chemical.