Pigment Exports

Pigment Exports

Pure Chemicals provide pigment exports Chemicals to several industries. Pure chemicals offers wide range of pigment exports chemical products.

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Sr. No. Product Name CI. No. Mass Tone Tint Tone
1 Purecolar Yellow 74 PY 74
2 Purecolar Yellow 83 PY 83
3 Purecolar Red 48.2 PR 48.2
4 Purecolar Red 53.1 PR 53.1
5 Purecolar Red 57.1 PR 57.1
6 Purecolar Red 112 PR 112
7 Purecolar Red 122 PR 122
8 Purecolar Red 170 PR 170
9 Purecolar Blue 15 PR 15.0
10 Purecolar Blue 15.1 PR 15.1
11 Purecolar Blue 15.2 PR 15.2
12 Purecolar Blue 15.3 PR 15.3
13 Purecolar Blue 15.4 PR 15.4
14 Purecolar Green 7 PG 7
15 Purecolar Violet 23 PV 23
Sr. No. Product Name CI. No. Mass Tone Tint Tone
1 Purecolar Middle Chrome PY34
2 Purecolar Lemon Chrome PY 34
3 Purecolar Primrose Chrome PY34
4 Purecolar Scarlet Chrome PY 104
5 Purecolar Zinc Phosphate Pigment White
6 Purecolar Zinc Chrome PY 36

Pigment Manufacturer in India.

Pon Pure Chemicals is one of the renowned Organic Pigments Manufacturer in India, in addition to being the most preferred organic & Inorganic Pigments manufacturer in Tamilnadu. We serve a wide spectrum of industries which includes Inks,Plastics,paints, textile, rubber,agriculture etc. With over 40 years of experience in the chemical industry we constantly keep upgrading our processes to meet diverse customer requirements. We understand the changing needs of each industry by keeping a close watch on the challenges faced and deliver precise solutions that work. Our premium pigments stand for 1.High quality 2.Broad spectrum of colors 3.Efficiency 4. Stability 5.Economical 6.High color strength

We make sure that the entire range of pigments are available in good stock and you can buy organic pigments at wholesale price in India without any hindrance. We have our branches strategically located through out the country and as a trusted organic pigment supplier in India we serve customers even at remote corners. Being Inorganic Pigments wholesaler we make available mass tones and tint tones like Purecolar Middle Chrome, Purecolar Lemon Chrome, Purecolar Primrose Chrome, Purecolar Scarlet Chrome and more to suite customer preference. As trusted Inorganic Pigments Suppliers we serve industry verticals that manufacture inks, paints, crayons,plastics,cosmetics, toys etc.