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Hand Sanitizer Manufacturers & Industrial Disinfectant in India:

The ultimate weapon at hand to fight novel corona virus is to follow simple yet strong hygiene principles, and Vooki products help you achieve exactly that.Vooki Personal and community hygiene products come in three ranges, Disinfectant and sanitizers,Premium range and Professional range.
Hand sanitizers provide the first line of protection at all times, be it at your office or going out.There are umpteen Hand sanitizer suppliers in India but you should be aware that the alcohol content must be more than 70% for it to be effective enough to kill germs like bacteria, virus etc.Usually hand sanitizer suppliers in India have bottles in the capacity of 200ml, 500ml etc for home and office use.Hand sanitizer, bulk buy is given in quantities of 5L, 20L, 50L and 200L which are cost effective and time saving as well. Hand sanitizers come in foam,liquid and gel forms,each of which have their own convenience in usage.Though liquid and gel forms are widely used, foam is preferred by few; by going for searches on ‘foam hand sanitizer distributors near me you can locate a store.

As hand sanitizer manufacturers in Chennai, India with 40 years of experience in the chemical industry our products stand for quality and customer satisfaction.Vooki hand sanitizer comes in liquid form as they are more effective in establishing close contact with the hand and kills 99.9% germs.Though we are hand sanitizer manufacturers in Chennai, India our branches are strategically located in 24 cities across India.Along with having an effective hand sanitizer, it should be placed at key spots in offices or houses so that the entry of germs are restricted and eventually eradicated.

Vooki first introduced itself as cleaning chemicals manufacturer in India in the year 2016. Products for cleaning toilet bowl, floors,glass surfaces, hard stain and room fresheners were launched.Distinguishing ourselves from the rest of the cleaning chemicals manufacturer in India all our products are eco-friendly, skin safe and biodegradable. As cleaning chemicals suppliers we have products under two categories premium range and professional range. The professional range is one of the best range of industrial cleaning chemicals in India, where solutions to cleaning different surfaces and materials are met. Though we are cleaning chemicals manufacturer in Chennai our branches are across India and can serve you swiftly. With Vooki premium range we provide you with products to clean houses & office spaces, which are the best you can expect from a reputed cleaning chemicals supplier.

Disinfection of surfaces is the next precaution that needs to be strictly followed and Vooki has a product line that caters to disinfection of indoor and outdoor areas.Being prominent disinfectant spray manufacturers & Supplier in India we have the entire range of products to suite almost all industry verticals.Though there are several disinfectant manufacturers in India the salient features of Vooki disinfectants is that it is eco-friendly, biodegradable & skin safe. One of the very efficient disinfectant, Vooki Guard P60 is know for its mechanism of action and the advantages of it over chlorinated disinfectants is immense.We can even claim that we provide a more advantageous product when compared to hypo and are one of the best disinfectant spray manufacturers & Supplier in India.

Vooki Guard L37 is a ready to use disinfectant spray which is a blend of alcohols and quaternary compounds which needs no dilution.It is one among the best industrial disinfectant chemicals in India. It’s contact time of less than 1 min and its non staining nature on metals, non-metals, glass etc. gives it an edge over others.Being manufacturers of industrial disinfectant Spray in Chennai, India we serve across India through branches in all important cities. Be it what you are looking for either cleaning chemicals suppliers, hand sanitizer manufacturers in Chennai , India or industrial disinfectant Spray in Chennai, India we have all what you are searching for with regard to cleaning and disinfection.Use our ecofriendly products and do your part in giving back to nature.