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Oil Field Chemicals

Pure Chemicals Co. is a new-generation Oil Field Chemical manufacturer offering a complete portfolio of chemicals right from PRODUCTION to DRILLING & COMPLETION under the brand name PUROTREAT.


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Oil Field Chemicals:

Pure Chemicals Co. is a fast growing oil field chemical and drilling fluid manufacturer in India.With the experience gained over the years we have developed a wide range of oilfield chemicals and drilling fluids for which we are suppliers in India, Dubai,Singapore, Srilanka and Australia. Other than for these we are also established manufacturers in India for defoamer, emulsifiers,Pour Point Depressant (PPD), H2S scavenger, demulsifiers and acid corrosion inhibitor. We have segregated our chemical offering as Purotreat OIL FIELD – PRODUCTION CHEMICALS and OIL FIELD – DRILLING & COMPLETION CHEMICALS. Serving clients across the globe, facing challenges and resolving them is a way of life for the R & D team at Pure Chemicals Co. and this keeps us constantly innovating new formulations. Look up to us for customized Oil Field chemicals & solvents for applications like Drilling and Completion,Cementing, Stimulation and Production operations of Oil & Gas Industry.

Having been one among the few drilling fluid chemical manufacturers; customizing to specifications and resolving pain points that arise on the run, we have handled then very well and this has given us the opportunity to emerge as a trusted drilling fluids suppliers in India.A few of the products we handle as oil field and drilling fluids suppliers in India are demulsifiers, corrosion inhibitors, H2S Scavengers,Scale Inhibitors,Biocides etc.get to know more by sending us an enquiry. As notable drilling fluid supplier and oil field chemical manufacturers & suppliers in India we maintain a good stock of all our products. Check out our descriptive product list to gain insight of how our products work to your advantage. In addition to being oil field chemicals supplier in India our offices are located across the globe to give you the multi-location edge.