Pon Pure Chemicals is Innovating constantly & is a critical mandate for us. Research and development is the path to it. Whether it is new solutions or creative ways to deliver them, R&D is an on-going priority to sustain innovation. We attribute our success and business growth over the last decades to our investments in R&D.


In a crowded business environment, it is normal to orient one’s innovation priority around introducing new products. While we agree, we also believe it is critical to recognise and drive innovation in other areas we are more particular in technology. We don’t settle for incremental innovation but pegged to innovate for transformation, and technology is the main driver in doing so.


While R&D and Technology are key drivers in our innovation, enhancing customer experience is the most critical business outcome as we see it. All product, process and quality related innovations are ultimately aimed at achieving customer delight. We see our customer focus on all our ideas around innovation, as a driving factor in helping us achieve successful and sustainable business outcome.