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Exxsol™ D40

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Exxsol D40 distributor in India
, you are right there, Pure Chemicals Co. is the sole Exxsol series Chemical Supplier in India. Exxsol D40 is a petroleum based solvent which is less aromatic and is used in several applications.It is also applied in general uses such as cleaning of paint brushes, which concludes that it is directly sold to the public.In industries Exxsol D40 is used in the manufacture of metal working solvents and coatings.

Rust Preventive Formulations:

Exxsol D40 is an excellent carrier fluid for rust preventive formulations. It has a narrow boiling range and a flash point of 47*C which aids in faster drying. The lower density of Exxsol D40 ensures better spreading when compared to other mineral spirits.Exxsol D40 also posses naphthenic content which provides it with better solvency when compared to other normal paraffins.

Print Room Chemicals:

Exxsol D40 is an ideal product from Print room Chemicals such as roller wash and fountain chemicals. Exxsol D40 is widely approved source for these products among major manufacturers as it has 0.1% aromatic content and hence do not damage the rubber rollers upon application.

Flux Materials:

Exxsol D40 is also used widely as a carrier for Electronic Flux and Cleaners. The low odor of Exxsol D40 and its narrow boiling range acts as an ideal replacement for MTO and also its low density allows better spreading and inter capillary action.

Odorless Coatings:

Exxsol D40 is an ideal solvent for odorless paints & coating formulations. It has Lower VOC when compared to other aromatic solvents and hence is safer to use due to lower exposure levels. The odorless nature greatly reduces the effect of fumes during application.

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