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Toluene is a colorless clear aromatic hydrocarbon with the formula C7H8, it is also referred by the name methyl benzene.Toluene is found in crude oil and is predominantly used as an appreciable solvent. It is used to make aviation fuel in addition to being used in adhesives, dyes, finger nail polishes etc.

With such extensive uses toluene distributors need to supply in bulk to match demands. In India, its import is much larger when compared to its production. Pure Chemicals Co. is one of the leading toluene distributor in India who has been in the chemical industry for more than three decades.One can buy toluene in bulk from our branches in Singapore, Dubai, Sri Lanka and Australia.

In addition to being toluene supplier we handle a wide array of chemicals like methyl ethyl ketone, N-butanol, Isobutanol etc. Safety comes first in chemical handling and we give utmost importance to it. MSDS of respective chemicals is handed over to clients along with the consignment. Toluene manufacturers, suppliers and distributors have the greatest responsibility of matching requirements, as toluene uses are forecasted to have a sharp rise.