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Isopar™ G

Isopar™ G – Isopar Grades (CAS: 64742-48-9 / 64742-48-8)is a solvent derived from petroleum based raw material. It is low in odor and creates a better working environment while reducing the risk of exposure. Isopar G is manufactured by treating petroleum based raw material with hydrogen in the presence of a catalyst.

The significant features of Isopar G which keeps them apart from regular solvent are

  • High chemical and thermal stability
  • Distillation range is narrow for optimal compromise between flash point and drying time.
  • Typically odorless
  • Risk due to exposture is low when compared to traditional hydrocarbon solvents.
  • Product is available globally
  • Used in selected food container applications
  • Fast evaporation
  • Available globally

Isopar G uses are focused on industrial, professional and consumer applications as metal working, in the manufacture of process solvent and in formulations for agricultural chemicals. The evaporation rate of Isopar G is quiet fast that they are chosen for self evaporation formulas like varnishing oil & evanescent oil. When used during metal forming the heat generated evaporates Isopar G in seconds. This property eliminates the necessity for cleaning.Another advantage of Isopar G is its very low viscosity which ensures even spreading on metal parts.

Pure Chemicals Co. is the only authorized ExxonMobil Isopar G distributor in India. As renowned distributor & supplier of entire series of Isopar, it is available for purchase in all our branches in India, SriLanka,Singapore, Australia and Dubai. Isopar G MSDS is given along whenever purchases of chemical are done from us. We also import and export chemicals to match the requirement of our clients.

PTFE Extrusion:

Isopar G, Isopar H, M, L Grades act as a medium for PTFE paste formation in PTFE extrusion Process. The ultra low aromatic content of these products do not affect the PTFE powder like other aromatic solvents in anyway and hence improves quality of finished goods. Isopar Grades have no moisture content and hence highly reduce the risk of bubble formation during extrusion.