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Isopar™ M

Isopar™ M -(CAS No.64742-47-8) is a product of ExxonMobil and is produced from petroleum based raw material.Its major constituents are alkanes,isoalkanes and cycloalkanes; it possesses several advantages over conventional solvents like White spirit and kerosene. Isopar M is virtually odorless, and creates a comfortable & safe working environment.
Isopar M uses are in consumer products, industrial and professional

Applications of Isopar M are:

  • * Oilfield and refinery chemicals
  • * Fuel additive
  • * Cleaners and household polisher
  • * Lamp oil
  • * Liquid vaporizer
  • * Metal working forming fluid

Isopar M is a volatile organic compound and rapidly degrades in air. The safety precautions to be taken while handling are mentioned in MSDS and should be strictly followed.

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