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Acetone distributor and supplier in India

Acetone is a colourless, flammable and highly volatile liquid with the formula (CH3)2CO. It is also known by the names propanone, 2-propanone and ketone propane. It is a widely used solvent and acetone suppliers in India serve to a good chunk of industries which use it as solvent. It is miscible in water and with several organic solvents making it a chemical which is used across several industries.

Industrial Uses of acetone
  • One of the major consumers of acetone is the Personal Care industry. Products like skin care lotions, creams, make up products contain acetone as a solvent. There is a lot of competition between acetone distributors in India in serving the industry. Acetone as a nail polish remover is one of the prominently known uses.
  • Acetone finds its use as a solvent in the Pharmaceutical industry and there is demand for acetone suppliers in India who deliver high purity standards. Acetone is used for even mixing of fillers and active ingredients during pill production, like wise in liquids.
  • Petroleum industry - Acetone is used to increase fuel efficiency, acting as petroleum additive.
  • As a solvent acetone is used to prepare metal surfaces for painting and soldering, and also for cleaning tools. Among the many Acetone Distributors in India quite a number serve to acetones requirement as solvent.
  • Lower grades of acetone are used to wash glassware in laboratories.

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