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Paraffin Wax

Paraffin wax is a translucent soft solid commonly referred to as wax. It is extracted from petroleum and burns readily. Paraffin Wax is put to use for several purposes, let’s list out a few uses of them

  • candle making
  • moisture repellent
  • anti caking agent
  • prevents oxidation on iron and steel surfaces
  • skate board wax
  • Paraffin microactuator
  • shield for neutron radiation
  • paint ball thickening agent
  • Eisengarn thread

The above uses are put to use in industries like petroleum, paint, steel and textile. With Pure Chemicals Co. you can buy paraffin in bulk and small quantity to suite your requirement. Other than paraffin we also import and export a wide range of chemicals for industrial & lab purposes. Our branches are located in almost all major cities in India and in 4 overseas locations. Safe handling of chemicals is very important and MSDS is given with every purchase.