Exxsol™ D130

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Exxsol™ D130

While you buy Exxsol D130 from a distributor or dealer you should make sure that you are purchasing the original product. Exxsol D130 is manufactured by ExxonMobil and is channelize for sale only through authorized distributors. Exxsol D130 Distributor in India is Pure Chemicals Co. who have been, chemical manufacturer, supplier and distributor for the past 40 years.

Exxsol D130 is a petroleum-based low odor hydrocarbon solvent which is much preferred over conventional solvents like white spirit. It’s desirable qualities are low aroma, low toxicity levels, and narrow boiling point. Putting these to best use Exxsol D130 is used as a solvent in professional and industrial applications. A few of Exxsol D130 uses are:.

  • Metalworking of all sizes
  • Solvent
  • Coatings

When any Exxsol D130 Distributors and Suppliers in India or any other country like Singapore and Dubai delivers Exxsol series product, two documents are mandatory one is Exxsol D130 MSDS and the other is COA.