Exxsol™ D95

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Exxsol™ D95

Exxsol D95 is a product of ExxonMobil, it is a petroleum based liquid used as a solvent in industries. It is manufactured by treating with hydrogen in the existence of a catalyst which results in the production of the solvent Exxsol D95, it has mild odor and aroma. To buy Exxsol D95 in India the only distributor is Pure Chemicals Co. We supply in bulk and retail quantities to suite customer requirements

Exxsol D95 uses are umpteen in industries, it is used as metal working solvent in architectural working ,construction and in traffic markings as a final layer or as coating. Exxsol D95 Distributors and Suppliers do not supply it directly to public as they are ingredients in industrial & commercial applications. Other than for being Exxsol chemical supplier in India we are also suppliers in Dubai, Singapore, Srilanka and Australia.

With every order of Exxsol D95 MSDS & COA also accompany to ensure the safety of users. As leading Exxsol D40, D60, D80, D95, Exxsol D110 and D130 Suppliers our pricing is competitive and delivery is streamlined with our well knit transport facility which you can avail.