Exxsol™ D80

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Exxsol™ D80

Exxsol D80 is a mineral oil distillate which essentially is an aliphatic hydrocarbon. It comprises of Naphthenic, Paraffinic and Isoparaffinic components. This is a premium Odorless Solvent from ExxonMobil which may act as an ideal replacement for MTO.

Exxsol D80 is an aliphatic hydrocarbon solvent that’s de-aromatised. Paraffins, isoparaffins and cycloparaffins are the major constituents of the fluid when you buy Exxsol D80.The notable product feature is that they contain minimal levels of aromatic hydrocarbon because of which Exxsol D80 uses are many. Pon Pure Chemicals India Private Limited is the only Exxsol Chemical Supplier in India who have the entire exxsol series in good stock.

Exxsol chemical suppliers and dealers are available in Dubai, Singapore, India etc. Exxsol D80 procured from chemical distributors and suppliers is used in paints, consumer products, as an ingredient in inks which are used for printing and in agricultural chemical application. They are also used in food contact applications like aluminum rolling and in consumer products which are in use day to day

Exxsol D80 Suppliers are expected to issue Exxsol D80 MSDS and COA which contains a complete set of details for safe handling and analysis on quality.As Exxsol D80 Distributors in India, you can approach us for all D40, D60, D80, D95, D110 and D130 series by sending us an email request or by reaching us on our toll-free number.