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Perchloroethylene (PCE) | DOWPER Solvent

Perchloroethylene is also known as PERC, PCE and tetrachloroethylene. It is a chlorocarbon with the formula Cl2C=CCl2. Perchloroethylene is a colourless, non-flammable liquid solvent with a sweet ether-like odour. It belongs to the family of organic halogen compounds and it gets oxidized by strong oxidizing agents like sulfuric acid, nitric acid and sulfur trioxide but is incompatible with strong bases.

PERC is widely used across various industries like electronics, plasticizers, aerosol chemicals, adhesive and resin and the metal industry. Perchloroethylene is predominantly known as the dry cleaning solvent which helps to remove stains from the fabric.

Perchloroethylene is also used in degreasing metals and as an ingredient in the manufacturing process of other chemicals. In metal manufacturing, solvents containing perchloroethylene have the ability to clean and degrease new metal. This helps to prevent impurities from weakening the metal.

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Tetrachloroethylene is used as an effective automotive brake cleaner. It is an excellent solvent for organic materials. Due to its durability and ability to adhere to plastics, metal, rubber and leather perchloroethylene has been used as an ingredient in a range of common products such as water repellents, paint removers, printing inks, glues, sealants, polishes and lubricants.

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In the dry cleaning industry, perchloroethylene is used as a solvent to remove the stains from the fabric and sometimes it is called a “ Dry- cleaning fluid”. Perchloroethylene when applied to the fabric, it dissolves greases, oils, and waxes without damaging the fabric.

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