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Isopar™ L

Isopar L (CAS No.64742-48-9) is a synthetic isoparaffinic hydrocarbon which is manufactured from a petroleum based raw material.It is colorless, odorless and makes the working environment comfortable when compared to traditional solvents like white spirit and kerosene. In addition to being close to odorless Isopar L has higher flash point 610C (safer) and has optimum drying rate while being under the non dangerous goods list. It is also suitable for selected food contact application. Isopar L uses are numerous and their applications make work easier and bring out the desired result.

The prominent applications uses of Isopar L are :

  • Cleaning
    • * Dry cleaning
    • * Industrial cleaning
  • Coating
    • * Aluminium paste
    • * Decorative Coating
    • * Mold release agent
  • Extraction process
    • * Oilfield and refinery chemicals,fuel additives
  • Household consumer
    • * Air freshener
    • * Aerosol Insecticide
    • * BBQ lighter
    • * Cleaner and polisher
    • * Lap oil
    • * Liquid vaporizer
    • * portable heater
  • Metal working
    • * Rust preventive
    • * Forming Fluid
    • * Evaporative oil
  • Printing
    • * Blanket wash
    • * Liquid toner

Isopar L is manufactured by ExxonMobil and Pure Chemicals the only Isopar L supplier & Isopar L distributor in India who is authorized to sell Isopar M, Isopar H, Isopar G series. Being well stocked. We are also involved in import and export of a wide range of chemicals for our clients through branches in India, Dubai, Australia, Singapore and Sri lanka to meet the requirements of our clients.