Exxal ™ 13 IsoTri Decanol

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Exxal ™ 13 IsoTri Decanol

Exxal™ 13 IsoOctanol is a clear colorless liquid with a faint pleasant odor. Exxal™ 13 IsoOctanol is used as a solvent, in the making of cutting and lubricating oils, in hydraulic fluids, and in the production of other chemicals.

Ethoxylation – Ethoxylates of Exxal 13 mainly goes into the following industries:

  • Wetting Agents – Textile, Leather, Paper
  • Emulsifiers – Textile, Leathers, Lubricants/ metal working fluids, Stone care products
  • Phosphate esters of Ethoxylates – Anti oxidants in rubber, fire retarding agents
  • Co-solvents for inks – Offset inks, Ceramic inks
  • Co- solvents for pesticides
  • Co- solvent for bio degradable lubricants