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Pine Oil

Pine oil is a natural essential oil extracted from twigs,cones,needles etc of the pine tree.The pine oil carries the distinctive odor of the tree. It is put to use in alternative medicine for aromatherapy , it is also used for lubricating clock work instruments which are small and expensive. Its use as a cleaning product is well known and are also used as scent in bath oils. Other uses of pine oil are as disinfectant,anitizer,microbicide/microbistat,virucide,insecticide and as effective organic herbicide where they modify the waxy cuticle of plants. Pharmaceutical and lubricant industry are the major consumers of pine oil.

Pure quality Pine Oil is available for bulk and retail purchase from Pure Chemicals Co. as we are the leading dealer and distributor in India, we also have our overseas branches at Australia, Singapore, Srilanka and Dubai. When you buy from us, MSDS and COA are given along with it.In addition to pine oil we also deal with import and export of a wide range of chemicals.