Tri Sodium phosphate

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Tri Sodium phosphate

Tri sodium phosphate belongs to the phosphate family & has the formula Na3PO4. It is white in color and is readily soluble in water. Some of the uses of Tri sodium phosphate are

  • cleaning agent in electroplating
  • disinfectant
  • bleaching agent
  • adhesion
  • antioxidant agent
  • color fixer in fabric dying
  • food additives

Industries involved are Laundry care, Paint and coating,Food and textile. Pure Chemicals Co. Supplies Tri sodium phosphate to all the major industries and is a trusted dealer and distributor in the chemical business. We have branches in India and in overseas locations. Dealing with import and export of chemicals, almost every other chemical is available with us.We do not sell chemicals with out MSDS and COA.