Exxsol™ D60

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Exxsol™ D60

Pure Chemicals Co.is Exxsol D60 Distributors in India, it is a petroleum based product which is a low aromatic hydrocarbon solvent. Exxsol D60 uses are umpteen, to mention a few they are used as metal working solvent,in architectural,construction and traffic making coatings.

Exxson Mobil is the company which manufacturers Exxsol D60 and its series, they dispatch it to Exxsol D60 distributors and Exxsol Chemical Supplier in India, Dubai, Singapore etc. In India, Pure Chemicals Co. is the only Exxsol D60 Supplier and you can purchase in varying quantities in sealed barrels and containers. With every consignment, Exxsol D60 MSDS and CAO are sent for safe handling & to assure you of quality. Exxsol D60 is low in toxicity and does not cause harm to humans and environment under normal working conditions. When you buy Exxsol D60, Exxsol D80, D95, D110 and D130 from dealers for your application make sure you adhere to the safety instructions furnished.