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Glycerine is a viscous, colorless, odorless chemical used across several industries, Its formula is C3H8O3 and is referred by the names glycerol and glycerin .Natural source of glycerol is vegetable oil, it is also one of the byproducts of soap manufacturing.Synthetic glycerol is manufactured from petroleum as the base ingredient. Glycerol is miscible in water and has the tendency to absorb moisture (hydroscopic), and also gasses like hydrogen sulfide and sulfur dioxide.

Industries which buy glycerine in bulk quantities are :-

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Personal care product manufacturers
  • Electronic cigarette liquid
  • Antifreeze
  • Explosives

Do you know the difference between glycerol & glycerine? Both have the same formula but differ in purity. Glycerine is 95% glycerol which directly means that glycerol is the purest form. Both can be interchangeably used only when purity is not a concern. Glycerine bulk price does not differ much from glycerol. There are several glycerine importers in India, and they supply to pharma, personal care product, air freshener and antifreeze manufacturers to mention a few.

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