Exxsol™ D110

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Exxsol™ D110

If you are looking to buy Exxsol D110 from a reliable Exxsol Chemical Supplier in India your choice would be Pure Chemicals Co. With 40 years of experience as a chemical manufacturer, supplier and distributor, they are trusted by thousands and are the only Exxsol D110 Supplier in India.

Exxsol D110 is a petroleum based hydrocarbon solvent which is low in odor. Chemicals predominantly found in it are alkanes, isoalkanes and cyclics. Industrial and professional applications are the major sectors that Exxsol D110 finds its uses in.To quote a few uses, they are used to manufacture process solvent, coatings and metal working. Exxon Mobil manufactures Exxsol D40, D60, D80, D95, Exxsol D130 series chemicals including Exxsol D110 which vary in flash points and applications. Exclusive Exxsol chemical distributors and dealers are present in Dubai, Singapore, Australia etc., from whom the chemical can be purchased. When Exxsol D110 Distributors in India or any other country dispatch the product two mandatory documents have to be sent along, they are Exxsol D110 MSDS and COA. Material Safety Data Sheet furnishes complete safe handling information and Certificate of Analysis is an assurance of quality.