Iso Propyl Alcohol (IPA)

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Iso Propyl Alcohol (IPA)

IPA abbreviated as Isopropyl alcohol is also known by the names isopropanol and 2-propanol. It is one of the very well known and commonly used chemical by the common man. Isopropyl alcohol supplier are umpteen and is easily reachable. Its CAS No. Is 67-63-0 and has the formula C3H8O, it is miscible in water, ether and ethanol making it very convenient for usage in several applications.

Pon Pure Chemicals is one of the leading Isopropyl alcohol suppliers in India who have close to 39 years of experience in the chemical industry. Our customer base for IPA is also wide spread across several verticals and this is because we offer isopropyl alcohol at wholesale price. We also make sure that there is good stock as isopropyl alcohol (IPA) bulk supplier so as to full fill the unexpected needs of our customers.

Uses of IPA
  • Greatest use of IPA is as a solvent in the coating industry, it also has its application in pharmaceutical application as it has low toxicity.
  • It is also used in the manufacture of acetone, it is also from this sector that Isopropyl alcohol distributor get a requirements.
  • It is also used as cleaning agent and is effective in cleaning oil effectively, leaving behind no residue. At a domestic level it is used to clean electrical components, CPU, gadgets IC packages etc.
  • As Isopropyl alcohol supplier & distributor in India we had a great demand for it when covid 19 was announced as a pandemic.
  • It is one of the main ingredients in making hand sanitizer. Rubbing alcohol, disinfectant pads also have IPA as one of its constituents. 70 - 99% of isopropyl alcohol is used in preserving specimens.

Known for quality and trust Pon Pure Chemicals has gained a wide customer base as Isopropyl alcohol distributor through out India and abroad. With 24 branches located strategically in India we are capable of rendering uninterrupted supply, promptly. Bulk quantities come in competitive pricing meeting international standards of quality. Send us an enquiry and our team will contact you to serve you of your needs. In addition to being Isopropyl alcohol supplier in India we also handle a wide range of chemicals for industries like paints and coating, lubricants, food colors, leather, Pu Additives, sugar chemicals, textile chemicals etc.