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Soda Ash

The commonly known name of Sodium Carbonate is Soda Ash, it's formula is Na2Co3 and exists as a white , odorless powder.Belonging to the family of carbonates it is hygroscopic in nature and has an alkaline taste. Well known use of soda ash is in laundering as a water softner, it is a vital raw material in the manufacture of glass, paper,rayon,soaps and detergents. Soda Ash is good at removing grease, oil and wine stains ;in the food industry it is used as acid regulator, anticaking agent,raising agent & also stabilize production of sherbet powder. A lesser known use of soda ash is it is used to neutralize sulfuric acid that is used during delinting of fuzzy cotton seeds, it is also used for cleaning silver.

Pure Chemicals Co., imports and exports soda ash in huge quantified and are also the dealer and distributor in India, Srilanka, Australia and Singapore. Buy Soda Ash is of high grade and are dealt with in retail and bulk quantities. MSDS is given along with every order for safe handling.