Why Choose

Driven by innovation, guided by experience, busy growing – meet Pon Pure Chemicals

The business of chemicals is complex and diverse. Pon Pure Chemicals in its successful business tenure running over forty years, internationally, has seen the length and breadth of the industry.

While it is easy to be a trader, distributor, manufacturer or logistics provider – a solution provider requires proven all-round expertise to deliver winning solutions. This precisely is Pure Chemicals’ forte and its diversity and all-round capability is its key differentiator in a highly competitive and fragmented industry.

Quality – is our Assurance

We understand that stakeholder trust is the most important asset we can build in this business. Building trust is much more than just keeping good relationships – we believe it is our commitment to quality that has helped us deliver top notch quality in products, solutions and services that we offer.

Our attitude to get things right every time, uncompromised approach to quality in everything we do, highly skilled technical team, and access to industry-leading domain experts are the reasons we sustain and grow the trust in our stakeholders..

We invest more on R&D than Marketing – it is our Innovation that is taking us places

If there is one thing we have held on to over the last Forty years – it is the urge to keep innovating. In a highly competitive and volatile market, being a successful provider of solutions depends a lot on how innovative and futuristic our solutions are. We embrace innovation as second nature, and are never tired of finding new and creative ways to deliver the best solutions to our customers.

Further, our urge to innovate differentiates us from just being yet another business dealing with chemicals to an organization that derives its energy from open and innovative thinking to grow business for ourselves and our stakeholders – thereby making significant contributions to the industry.

A one-stop access to best-in-class portfolio of chemicals– whether produced or procured by us

Decades of experience teach us that to remain relevant it is critical that we constantly grow and update our solution portfolio. To grow and innovate on the solution portfolio, it is critical that we have access to the width and depth of the chemicals, as solutions demand.

Thanks to our active partnerships with suppliers and traders of chemicals across geographies and our own manufacturing capacity. We hold a strong portfolio of chemicals that opens up access to a wide variety of solutions, that’s otherwise not available to customers. .

Chemical solutions powered by industry leading infrastructure

Our capabilities in manufacturing and warehousing run across an extensive network of branches managed by trained and skilled people. Located strategically, our warehouses are complete with underground storage tanks, barrel filling stations for solvents, technical and quality control service laboratories, and more.

A well-established technology set up coupled with a strong logistics network in place, we are able to efficiently serve the entire supply chain..

Ensuring robust logistics – in a complex business environment

The chemicals industry being complex and diverse it demands high levels of logistical capability in handling, storage and transportation. As a fragmented industry it adds to the complexity, demanding uncompromised standards and processes to ensure compliance to high safety benchmarks. .

Equipped with a blend of state-of-the-art technology and rich industry experience, Pure Chemicals with its dedicated logistics subsidiary,

    Pon Pure Logistics delivers end-to-end logistics including:

  • Procuring, storage and distribution of hazardous, toxic bulk liquid chemicals and lubricants
  • Storage & handling facilities at key ports and manufacturing hubs
  • Warehouse with explosive and safety standards
  • Filling system – ISO Tanks to Tankers
  • Drumming & Re-packing facilities
  • Transportation facilities for Liquid & Dry Cargo

Circular Economy

Creating a sustainable operating environment is the mainstay of our existence in the chemical business. Deeply committed in sustaining a safe operating environment, we are well aware of the nature of our business and the vulnerability it can create in the environment we live in.

Pon Pure Chemicals is rooted strongly with this value through our experience in the business of chemicals over the last 4+ decades, and are deeply committed in solving current and future sustainability challenges. The challenges include reducing emissions, energy & water consumption, and favouring a circular economy – in recycling, waste management, advocating higher efficacy in use of essential raw materials or finding substitutes, ultimately working towards making urban areas to be better places to live. .