A holistic approach to safety

For Pure Chemicals, health & safety begins with providing employees a safe and responsible working environment. The benefits of a safe working environment are many. While the highest benefit is employee safety, there are several associated benefits – incident related costs under check, prevents loss of productivity, fewer schedule interruptions, not to mention an improved employee morale.

Health and safety are our first concern

Employee Safety

Our working environments are tuned to the employee psyche and are well geared to anticipate and prevent common causes for incidents, like human error and complacency. Our safety audits ensure employees are aligned to standard safety procedures with no compromise. Further, significant time and money is invested to make sure that employees are fully trained in handling equipment, materials and emergency handling

Process Safety

We understand that protecting people, environment and assets is the key to business sustainability. Our expert team makes sure that the processes related to our products and services follow current and emerging regulation standards, while at the same time ensuring high availability.