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Touching lives in every possible way through chemistry.

Pon Pure Chemicals is one of the reputed and highly diversified companies in the field of specialty and general chemicals. We value delivering effective solutions that goes beyond business and work towards protecting the environment and economy. With powerful tools- science and innovation we meet every industry’s present and future needs for the society, and world at large.

Our responsibility


To be the most preferred global chemical company and make a positive impact across industries by providing quality products, services and innovative solutions.

Our Responsibility

Our Values


We strive for excellence in all aspects of business; Quality is a fuel which drives us to succeed in each and every activity we do.


We march towards sustainable growth of our company, while providing equal opportunity to employees and reward them based on performance to enrich their career.


With assured quality and value addition we exceed our customer’s expectations and have earned their loyalty.


We are accountable for what we do and remain committed to our promise.


We are transparent in all our transactions.

M Ponnuswami


Mr.M.Ponnuswami started the Chemical Marketing Business in 1981 based on strong ethical business values and a passion for customer service. Starting off with just two employees, Mr.M.Ponnuswami is steering the company with vision, mission, and compassion for 41 years. Today, under his able guidance Pon Pure Chemicals Group has more than 1000 employees in 27 branches & 23 warehouses in India, and 5 offices in overseas locations..

He is also the founder and Managing Trustee of ‘Pon Pure Charities’, that is actively involved in creating infrastructure facilities for educational institutions and public places and also providing educational support for the lesser privileged students, free of cost..

We do one thing the best – Chemicals.

Pon Pure Chemicals is a leading international organization specialising in chemical manufacturing and distribution. Forty years in business, Pon Pure Chemicals is currently in the midst of a high growth period especially in the basic and performance chemical verticals..