Vooki Disinfectant Liquid P60

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Vooki Disinfectant Liquid P60

Specially made for Industrial customers. It can be sprayed walls, floors or fogged into the air to kill surface and dust born microbes. It is a disinfectant liquid kills disease spreading germs at outdoor areas and surfaces of factories, hospitals, institutions, garden areas and public utility areas.

vooki disinfectant P60is developed to meet EN 14476:2013 norms at 20oC with a contact time of 5 minutes under both clean & dirty conditions at a level of 3000 ppm. This test is done on viruses like Poliovirus, Adenovirus, Murine norovirus (MNV) and Influenza type virus which are thought to be tougher strains than COVID-19

Salient Features:

  • EN Standard-14476.2013
  • Delivers potent germicidal action in both hard water and organic soil load
  • Kills 99.9% Germs | 24 Hours Germ Protection
  • Effective compared to Bleaching powder
  • Effectively works on Organic maters
  • Less odour
  • Bio-degradable
  • Non-Crossive
  • Leaves no Residue after usage
  • Can be used on all metal parts & plastics
  • Can be used for Food contact applications
  • Works effectively on both clean and unclean surfaces
  • Dilution Ratio: 1 ml in 500 ml of water

Mechanism of action:

  • Denature proteins and lipids ; Sensitive sulfhydryl and sulfur bonds in proteins, enzymes and other metabolites gets ruptured and disorganize the cellmembrane
  • Reacts with double bonds and impede molecular function
  • Disrupt balance of electrons in cells and cause microbe function to be inactive
  • Disrupts the chemiosmotic function of the lipoprotein cytoplasmic membrane and transport processes through rupture or dislocation of the cell walls

Usage instruction and Dosage norms:

  • Disinfectant should contact the surfaces for 5 to 30 minutes depending on the degree of residual soiling and the class of microbial contamination. Aerobic bacteria requires lower concentrations and shorter contact times while fungi requires more concentration & longer contact time.
  • 80 to 150 ppm of vooki GUARD P60 is sufficient to act as efficient disinfectant at normal condition.
  • It inactivates gram positive and gram-negative bacteria, fungi and yeast in <5 min at <100 ppm.
  • In the presence of organic matter 200 to 500 ppm is required.
  • For viruses, the dosage range is wide 12 to 2250 ppm. With poliovirus, inactivated in yeast extract in15 min with 1500 to 2250 ppm.
  • Bacterial spores in suspension are inactivated in 15 seconds to 30 min with 500 to 10000 ppm (0.05 to 1%)
  • Working solutions should be used at ambient/warm (20 – 40 deg C) conditions
  • It must not be added to other chemicals or formulations.

** With regard to enveloped virus, vooki GUARD P60 is efficient even in presence of organic matters including blood, food particles, factory oils and other soils compared to other disinfectants which have no efficacy to disinfect in presence of organic matters

Areas of Applications:

  • Used as a cleaning agent in addition to a cold sterilant and disinfectant; It is highly effective oxidizing agent for removal of mold, bacterial stains and virus
  • Factory units, Garden area, Common outdoor areas of commercial institutions etc.
  • Hard Surfaces: It may be sprayed on walls, floors to kill surface born microbes. Used as disinfectant for outdoor & indoor on hard surfaces including agriculture premises, food establishments and home bathrooms
  • Health care industry: It is applied for the disinfection / sterilization of medical supplies such as surgical and dental instruments etc.

Dilution Ratio:

  • On non-critical conditions 1:500
  • On critical conditions where short contact time is required 1:300

Recommended dosage: 760 to 1250 ppm depending on the degree of residual soiling and the class of microbial contamination.

Contact Time: After applying allow to dry for 20 minutes for better disinfection Frequency of use: For healthy germ free environment, use every day


  • Not meant for human contact. In case of contact and irritation persists, please contact doctor
  • Recommend to use either 1 hour before opening premise or after closure of office hours
  • Not to be used on aluminium, copper and fabrics
  • At the time of spraying, the user must wear standard Butyl II gloves or any good synthetic rubber gloves, boots, overcoat with full sleeves, and N95 mask.
  • Recommend Spray gun made of Stainless Steel or HDPE or PVC
  • Once diluted, use the solution within 5 hours
  • In case of skin contact: Wash off immediately with plenty of water. Wash contaminated clothing before re-use.
  • In case of eye contact: Rinse immediately with plenty of water, also under the eyelids, for at least 15 minutes. In the case of difficulty of opening the lids, administer an analgesic eye wash (oxybuprocaine). Take victim immediately to hospital.
  • In case of ingestion: Call a physician or poison control center immediately. Take victim immediately to hospital. If swallowed, rinse mouth with water (only if the person is conscious). Do NOT induce vomiting. Artificial respiration and/or oxygen may be necessary.

Available Pack Size: 5 Ltr | 35 Ltr

Product Shelf Life: 18 Months