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Oil Field Chemicals

Purotreat is a brand of Pon Pure Chemicals Group who are oil field chemicals and drilling fluid manufacturers in India. With the experience gained over the years we have developed a wide range of oilfield chemicals and drilling fluids for which we are suppliers in India, Dubai,Singapore, Srilanka and Australia. Other than for these we are also established manufacturers in India for defoamer, emulsifiers,Pour Point Depressant (PPD), H2S scavenger, demulsifiers and acid corrosion inhibitor.

We have segregated our chemical offering as Purotreat OIL FIELD – PRODUCTION CHEMICALS and OIL FIELD – DRILLING & COMPLETION CHEMICALS. Serving clients across the globe, facing challenges and resolving them is a way of life for the R & D team at Pon Pure Chemicals and this keeps us constantly innovating new formulations. Look up to us for customized Oil Field chemicals & solvents for applications like Drilling and Completion,Cementing, Stimulation and Production operations of Oil & Gas Industry.As notable drilling fluid supplier and oil field chemical manufacturers & suppliers in India we maintain a good stock of all our products. Check out our descriptive product list to gain insight of how our products work to your advantage.


S.No. Application Purotreat Products Chemistry Features
1 Demulsifier Purotreat EB series Proprietary blends of resin alkoxylates / poly alkoxylates polyols, ethyleneoxide propyleneoxide block copolymers, etc Quick separation of produced water from crude oil. Clear oil water interface with no rag layer formation clear water quality
2 Corrosion inhibitors Purotreat CI series Formulated blends of imidazoline / amine intermediates, amine blends, alkoxylated fatty amines, quaternary ammonium compounds Excellent protection from various corrosive fluids and gases. Good film forming ability. Stable at range of temperature & ph
3 Ppd/flow improvers Purotreat FI series Blends of polyacrylate polyvinylester Reduces the pour point of high waxy crudes. Improves the flow characteristics of crude oil at low temperatures
4 Scale inhibitors Purotreat SI series Poly acrylic acid salts, phosphonates and salts of phoshonates, polyetheramines Very effective in controlling the scaling issues due to caco3, baso4. Effective at low dosages and severe conditions of ph and temperature
5 Biocides Purotreat BC series Proprietary blend of quaternary ammonium compounds / gluteraldehyde thps Controls corrosion problems due to various bacteria, srb, gab, ganb etc
6 Deoilers / water clarifiers Purotreat WC series Polyamines, polymers Effectively reduces oil content from produced water to meet the disposal requirements
7 H2s scavangers Purotreat HS series Triazine based & non triazine based h2s scavangers Very effective in reducing the concentration of toxic hydrogen sulfide (h2s) gas. Controls deposit formation
8 Asphaltene inhibitors Purotreat AI series Maleic-based polymers, ethoxylates Controls the asphaltene precipitation from crude oil. Prevents the deposition in flow lines and increases the production capacity

Drilling & Completion Chemicals

S.No. Application Purotreat Products Chemistry Features
1 Defoamers Purotreat AF series Alcohol alkoxylates sulphonates Efficient reduction in foam from the drilling muds. Thermally stable non corrosive. Effective at low concentrations & wide range of temp and ph
2 Emulsifiers Purotreat EM series Alcohol ethoxylates / amine surfactants, eo/po block co polymers, esters Stabilizes the emulsions to reduce fluid loss. Suitable for aqueous and non-aqueous systems. Stable at wide range of temp. Works additionally as wetting agent
3 Surfacctants Purotreat SF series Broad range of formulated blends of non ionic and anionic surfactants, based on the requirement application The benefits of using surfactant is application specific
4 Special solvents Purotreat SL series Glycol-based solvents Effective is removing heavy hydrocarbon deposits & dissolves emulsion blocks
5 Acid corrosion inhibitors Purotreat ACI series Formulated blend of acetylenic alcohols and quaternary ammonium compounds Effective in controlling hcl (up to 28%) corrosion to most of the moc tubular. Effective at high temperatures upto 120oc
6 H2s scavangers Purotreat HS series Triazine based glyoxal Very effective in reducing the concentration of toxic hydrogen sulfide (H2S) gas. Effective at wide range of temperature and pH controls deposit formation.

Quality Assurance

We understand that stakeholder trust is the most important asset we can build in this business. Building this trust is much more than just keeping good relationships – we believe it is our commitment to the quality in the processes we follow that has helped us deliver top notch quality in the products, solutions and services that we offer.

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