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Polypropylene Random Copolymer

Clyrell RC 5056

Clyrell RC 5056 is high gloss and has excellent clarity. It is combined with its balance of rigidity and impact. It is used for injection molding of high clarity containers. It is widely used in housewares and food containers... Read More

Clyrell RP348N

Clyrell RP348N is a high glossy and an ideal material for general injection moulding housewares and container. It has a great tensile strength and helps protect the base metals... Read More

Clyrell EC340R

Clyrell EC340R is a clarified polyolefinic resin designed for injection moulding applications. It combines the aesthetic properties of a random with the impact-stiffness property of a heterophasic copolymer... Read More

Clyrell RC 2472

Clyrell RC2472 is a polypropylene random copolymer, specially designed for manufacturing of films, with low modulus and good optics. It can be used as a sealing or printing layer in co-extruded film applications... Read More

Clyrell RC 213M

Clyrell RC213M offers an excellent clarity and gloss, a very low haze, a wide hot tack range and a low seal-initiation temperature of 120°C. It is easy processable... Read More

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